"My name is Paulina and I am graduating HS this year and I will be going to Louisville, KY with Love Thy Neighborhood starting in September.  I am excited to be placed with BesideUforLife for my internship, helping young families who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy situation.  I hope to work with the children of these families, showing Christ's love to them while the mother's receive support and services.  I love young children and know God has called me to work with kids in the future, so this opportunity will give me unique experience.  "
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    Robert Klingen

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    Janet Diaz

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    Ian Rosario

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    Robert Klingen

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    Emilie Gonzalez

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    Paulina, we are so excited about who you are and what you are doing! It’s been a joy to follow along with your newsletters! We just needed to wait until the new year to support financially but are happy we get to now! Love you! Eddie and Emilie

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    Noel & Rhoda Owuor

    $51.45 / 120 days ago

    We are thankful for you and praying that God continues to lead and grow you as you labor in His harvest field. May He fulfill His purposes in and through you Psalm 138:8.

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    Samantha Kachler

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    Rebecca Tyler

    $51.45 / 140 days ago

    Paulina, Praying for you and your team. Keep doing God's work and He will guide you in app things.

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    Amber Davidson

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    Robert Klingen

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    Edwin Rosario

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    Nancy Kroeze

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    Melanie White

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    Ana Gosliga

    $102.90 / 171 days ago

    May the Lord bless you and the many you serve through this ministry!

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    Salliann Ran

    $102.90 / 171 days ago

    So proud of you, Paulina! Keep serving Jesus!

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    Eva Kroeze

    $500.00 / 172 days ago

    We are delighted to hear of your labors of love with immigrants and their children, youremorional, spiritual, and social growth with your cohort, roommates, and church. We are praying for God to mold you for His use in the Kingdom. Bless you, Sunshine!

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    Kim Westra

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    Evonne Malnati

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    Charlene Klingen

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    Nancy Kroeze

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    Karen Scully

    $50.00 / 194 days ago

    So happy to support you, Paulina, as you serve in your Gap Year.

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    Rebecca Tyler

    $51.45 / 204 days ago

    Keep listening to God's voice and making Him known. I'm excited to hear about what God will do through you this year.

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    Paulina Kroeze

    $1,000.00 / 237 days ago

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    Ruth Vazquez

    $51.45 / 244 days ago

    Paulina, I am so incredibly proud of you! I know God has incredible plans for you and your team!! Be blessed!

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Love Thy Neighborhood provides more than just an internship.  I will be joining a community of young adults to grow spiritually, professionally and personally.