Through my internship serving the homeless community, I'm making an impact on the lost and hurting world through the power of the Gospel.
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  • Karen Pysher

    $50.00 / 24 days ago

  • Tracie Fabre

    $51.45 / 35 days ago

    Grace, I am so thankful to see you giving yourself to "the least of these" For whenever you do this for them, you do this for Him. Our wonderful savior. We are so fortunate to have families and church to help us in our journey to know Jesus. As you will will find, there are many homeless, just waiting to be loved and introduced to this Jesus who saved our lives. I am praying for you to be bold and full of the love of Jesus and asking Holy Spirit give you words for the right time. I am praying for the people you will encounter. Asking Holy Spirit to pave the way in their hearts to receive you and your ministry. To begin their journey with Jesus! We love you, praying for your safety and well being while you are away from home. Can't wait to hear news from you! Tracie, Alex and Joshy

  • Skyla Miller

    $51.45 / 60 days ago

  • Delaney Wolf

    $25.73 / 78 days ago

  • Karen Cotterino

    $514.50 / 78 days ago

  • Mel and Carol Miller

    $102.90 / 117 days ago

  • James DAmbrosia

    $51.45 / 118 days ago

  • Gary Stackhouse

    $154.35 / 118 days ago

    Go get them team and spread the good news of loving one another as the in the "GOLDEN RULE" ultimately wins over divisive rhetoric in existence in our society today!

  • Janelle Groff

    $102.90 / 119 days ago

    I'm so excited for this opportunity for you, Grace!! I know that God will work both in and through you!! Blessings!

  • Stacy Harbin

    $154.35 / 119 days ago

    We will be praying for you, your team, and those you interact with throughout the summer.

  • Lisa Good

    $51.45 / 127 days ago

  • Karl Stackhouse

    $25.00 / 133 days ago

  • Taryn Crayton

    $102.90 / 148 days ago

  • Travis Heisler

    $100.00 / 152 days ago

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  • Barry Heisler

    $150.00 / 156 days ago

  • Kimberly Connelly

    $25.73 / 164 days ago

  • Richard Stevens

    $150.00 / 164 days ago

  • Jillian Culler

    $250.00 / 165 days ago

  • Karen Pysher

    $50.00 / 167 days ago

  • Lois Miller

    $100.00 / 168 days ago

  • Linda Stackhouse

    $1,000.00 / 168 days ago

  • Sarah Nickey

    $51.45 / 171 days ago

  • Gina Mummert

    $100.00 / 171 days ago

  • Sondra Spotts

    $30.00 / 172 days ago

About Grace Miller

Over the summer, I will be serving in Louisville, Kentucky as an urban missionary with Love Thy Neighborhood, a ministry that disciples young adults who value community and the Gospel. I will be serving as an intern at Re:Center Ministries, a ministry dedicated to providing emergency relief and recovery to individuals experiencing homelessness and addiction. In addition to serving, I will be residing with other young adults passionate about urban missions and will be participating in a weekly schedule that includes discipleship, training, and community outreach.

I am passionate about helping to meet the practical needs of individuals while recognizing their dignity, worth, and image-bearing status. I am looking forward to living in community with other young adults and to further strengthening my personal faith. As a long-time listener of the Love Thy Neighborhood podcast, I have chosen to serve with LTN because I desire to partner with their mission to cultivate healthy relationships, serve our neighbors, and follow Jesus within our modern cultural context. 

As a Love Thy Neighborhood Summer Intensive Team Member, my goal is to raise $3,900 to cover the cost of living, groceries, transportation, training, and other general expenses. Any amount you can commit will help to make my mission possible. If you have the ability to give financially, you can donate using the tab on the right-hand side of the page.

Please be praying for me, my LTN teammates, our leaders, the ministries we will be serving, and the city of Louisville. I will be sending out regular newsletters to update you as I live in this discipleship community. Check back monthly to see my updates.

Thank you for your impact on my life and for your support as I am sent to serve!