Through my internship serving the homeless community, I'm making an impact on the lost and hurting world through the power of the gospel. 
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    Allyn Saah

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    Thank you for being like Jesus who while He was God, became a man. Thank you for being a servant to help others and show the love of God to them. Love, Allyn Saah

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    Andrew Sandeen

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    Katianne Fortin

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    Round 2! I hope this keeps the wind in your sails as you travel ever onwards and keep floating up. You've got this! I send much love for the Christmas holidays and many smiles and encouragement. I've never seen a challenge you couldn't surmount. Go, Katie! With many hugs and love - Katie(squared)

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    Katianne Fortin

    $308.48 / 94 days ago

    Hi Katie! I send much love from the Great North and hope you are having a wonderful time. I can't wait to hear all about it. Many blessings and happy times for you. Keep on floating up. Much love and hugs - Katie(squared)

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    Long Hao Lin

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    Dear Katie Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus among the homeless. This year will be very challenging for you but I pray that you will remember how much you are loved by God and also here in Montreal. As you venture into deeper waters the only anchor is Jesus. « Jesus is a friend of mine »

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    Elise Kushner

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    Chris and Allyn Saah

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    God bless your work

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About Katie Mallett

I am excited to tell you about my plans for this next year! I am going to be serving as an urban missionary with Love Thy Neighborhood, a ministry that equips young adults to serve and love people in the inner-city of Louisville, Kentucky. Through the program, I will also be living and serving with other urban missionaries for the next 11 months. I am so looking forward to being the hands and feet of Jesus to those around me in community with a common goal of embodying God’s love. 

LTN matches each urban missionary with one of their partner ministries to tangibly meet the needs of the urban community. During my time with LTN, I will be serving with Re:Center Ministries, which serves homeless people with a full continuum of care and aims to reconcile them to God, family and community by the power of Christ in partnership with the local church. I will mainly be serving in the Drop-in day center for women and kids. 

I am looking forward to seeing how God is working there and being a part of it. I have been looking for opportunities to serve others in simple ways, especially those that are vulnerable or on the margins, and this is an amazing chance to do that. I hope I can use the gifts God has given me to help people feel cared for and valued. I really want to treat people like God treats them and help them to see their true worth. 

I will be serving with Re:Center for 20-30 hours every week. Additionally, as a member of LTN I will be spending 15 hours a week in community service to my neighbors, building relationships and sharing the love of Christ. Another 15 hours a week will be spent participating in a curriculum that focuses on personal spiritual growth. This internship will bring me closer to God and help me to know Him better while also growing my life skills and relational maturity. I’ll have the opportunity to both serve people in need and also gain professional work skills. LTN’s mission is to disciple Christians to serve their neighbors, cultivate healthy relationships and follow Jesus in their culture and context, and I feel honored to be accepted as a part of this ministry.

As a Love Thy Neighborhood Team Member, my goal is to raise $11,900 to cover the cost of housing, groceries, transportation, training, curriculum, etc. Anything you could commit will bring me closer to that goal and help make this mission possible. If you would like to participate in this mission financially or especially by praying I would be most grateful. 

As part of this program, unless you request otherwise, I will be sending monthly newsletters once I arrive in Louisville to keep you informed on what God is doing there through your support. I appreciate your considering joining me in this work on behalf of His people.