Annelise Collins

Annelise Collins / Summer 2020

Love Thy Neighborhood is an urban missions agency in Louisville, KY for young adults impacting homelessness, the adult entertainment industry, refugees, abortion and more. We equip and mobilize the next generation of Christian leaders to work with the poor, the suffering and the marginalized.
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    Johannah Penner

    $18.52 / 36 days ago

    I just love you a lot and am so proud of and excited for you. The Lord has amazing plans for your life, and I’m grateful that I get to be along for the ride

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    Lea Marshall

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    Gabriele E Collins

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    Melissa Malami-Jones

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    Peter Collins

    $100.00 / 48 days ago

    Annelise - I'm praying God uses your summer ministry to change other's lives and to make a lasting difference in yours.

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    Robert Stocking

    $51.45 / 48 days ago

    You are an inspiration to us, and we are so excited that you will go into the world this summer to inspire others!

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    $51.45 / 50 days ago

    You are so awesome! Love They Neighborhood is lucky to have you and you are lucky to go and learn from this experience! So honored to know you and be in it with you!

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    Dustin’s donation!

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    Velvet Stovall

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    Yvonne's donation!

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    Eliana's donation

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    $205.80 / 64 days ago

    ~$2/day, rounded up. From what little I know about you, I think you're pretty neat, so I have no qualms casting my vote for the future where you get to experience Love Thy Neighbor. May God's goodness manifest itself through your endeavors.

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    Sarah Golliher

    $77.18 / 66 days ago

    Annelise – Wishing you all the best as you move on to this exciting chapter. Will also be prayerfully supporting you from Chapel Hill. Love Sarah

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    Gabriele E Collins

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    clothes donations!

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    Bella House

    $5.15 / 84 days ago

    You got this!! I'm so proud of you!!

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    Sarah Harper

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    Stephanie Stokes

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    Chase Prevatte

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    Vickie Collins

    $205.80 / 88 days ago

    Proud of you, babe!

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    Kirsten Foyles

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    Annalise, Great job reaching out to find your dreams and to make the world a better place! Love, The Wingfields

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    Linda Goodall

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    Amy Shead

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About Annelise Collins

This summer I have the opportunity to serve with Love Thy Neighborhood, an urban missions agency in Louisville, KY! I will be fundraising $3,300 to serve as a podcast editing assistant, but the program will be much more than that. The program is centered on the gospel of Christ, and is intended to mobilize interns to provide hope to hurting lives by providing physical and spiritual help through the gospel. In light of the global pandemic that is impacting every community in the world, the work of this internship program is that much more important. The impacts of this pandemic are lasting and will hit the community hard. As of right now, Love Thy Neighborhood is working hard to get the interns to Louisville this summer. The people of Louisville will still be there and their needs are growing! Christ is mobilizing his people to share in his purpose, and now is the time to step up and love our brothers, sisters, and neighbors through this pandemic. For Love Thy Neighborhood interns, this will look like inviting your neighbors over for dinner and involving ourselves in the surrounding community of downtown Louisville. I understand how the state of our world is causing financial strain on many, many people, but above all, I would love if you would join and prayer with me! If you are able to give, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!!