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Freedom Mcmurray

Freedom McMurray / Summer 2020

Through my internship serving the homeless community, I'm making an impact on the lost and hurting world through the power of the Gospel.
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    Dora Farmer

    $50.00 / 26 days ago

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    Debra Drenkhahn

    $30.00 / 35 days ago

    Good luck with your internship and be the best you can. Hope to see some pictures!

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    Geraldine Dozier Nunn

    $26.00 / 35 days ago

    Freedom, so proud of you . So true you know first hand how difficult life can be and i pray this will make you a stronger person. I am so glad you are donating your time to help those in need. God will guide each of you in your life and it's so nice to see each of you help others and one another. Gsve s great summer, this will be a great accomplishment for you and your team. Love you. Geri

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    Robina Rosenstiel

    $25.73 / 63 days ago

    This seems to be a win-win for the interns and the recipients. It's so good that young people like Freedom are willing to go into an unfamiliar neighborhood to help. I'm glad to be a small part of showing we care!

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    Jennifer Hungerbuhler

    $20.00 / 65 days ago

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    Debra Payne

    $25.00 / 65 days ago

    Freedom, Praying your mission is successful this summer and is rewarding and a blessing for you well as those who are working with. Debbie Payne

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    Freedom McMurray

    $415.72 / 74 days ago

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    Rebecca Hudson

    $20.00 / 89 days ago

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    Molly Shields

    $20.00 / 89 days ago

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    Kristi Hamilton

    $25.00 / 89 days ago

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    University of the Cumberlands

    $1,350.00 / 106 days ago

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    Brenda Brooks

    $100.00 / 116 days ago

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    Vesta Rice

    $40.00 / 135 days ago

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    Sandra Worley

    $100.00 / 144 days ago

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    Molly Malone

    $154.35 / 150 days ago

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    Cailee Henderson

    $25.00 / 156 days ago

    Freedom, I am so proud of who I’ve seen you become since you’ve gotten to college. I’ve seen first hand Jesus transform your life and now you live with so much love, courage, and with a purpose! I can’t wait to see how much deeper you grow in your relationship with Christ this summer. I love you!!!

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    Debra Drenkhahn

    $30.00 / 172 days ago

    Freedom. Although I don’t know you personally but we are related. You seem like such a nice young lady. Best wishes for your missionary trip.

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    Molly Malone

    $2.06 / 173 days ago

About Freedom Mcmurray

I am from Appalachia Kentucky and have seen many issues like poverty and homelessness first hand. I have also experienced Christ and his love first hand and I just want to share him with anyone that I can. LTN gives me the perfect opportunity to go beyond and serve others.