Through my internship serving women in the adult entertainment industry, I'm making an impact on the lost and hurting world through the power of the Gospel.
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    John Walsh

    $120.00 / 9 days ago

    There. GOAL! Thanks for making yourself available to be used by God.

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    John Walsh

    $50.00 / 18 days ago

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    John Walsh

    $50.00 / 38 days ago

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    Alisa Leavy

    $50.00 / 43 days ago

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    $20.58 / 44 days ago

    Can't wait to hear about all of your experiences:)

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    Vector Security Inc.

    $350.00 / 45 days ago

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    Sydney McFadden

    $20.00 / 46 days ago

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    Juston Wolgemuth

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    John Walsh

    $50.00 / 50 days ago

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    John Walsh

    $50.00 / 65 days ago

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    Kimberly Neptune

    $30.00 / 65 days ago

    Empathy-the ability to understand and share the feelings of another- You are blessed to posses this trait and the willingness to help others who struggling with challenges that impair their functioning or make them vulnerable.

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    Richard Sadler

    $100.00 / 76 days ago

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    John Walsh

    $102.90 / 80 days ago

    God bless you and this ministry. Thanks for giving us the chance to be a part of it. -John & Tara in FL

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    $300.00 / 84 days ago

    Erin - this is from Aunt Pat. This is a great cause and looking forward to having you visit me on the way to Kentucky!

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    $10.00 / 100 days ago

    Good luck and have fun Erin! Uncle Joe

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    Zion Lutheran Church

    $1,102.00 / 119 days ago

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    Jordan Lienhoop

    $20.00 / 128 days ago

    Erin, it was wonderful interviewing you and I am so excited that you are coming to serve with LTN! I look forward to meeting you this summer! :)

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    Elizabeth Villarose

    $51.45 / 155 days ago

    You fill my heart with joy Erin. I'm so proud of you and you're willingness to make life better for others. God bless you and all of your team members. Love you so much!

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    Vicki Rutter

    $50.00 / 157 days ago

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    Karen Connolly

    $50.00 / 157 days ago

    Very proud of you Erin- love you

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    Janyce Jorgensen

    $25.00 / 157 days ago

    So proud of you, Erin, and for all of the folks on your team who will be spending time serving with Love Thy Neighborhood. My prayers are with you!

  • 320c493c307d97a1a365667bce236560? nophoto

    Heather Bell

    $50.00 / 159 days ago

    What you are doing is great! Good luck on your trip!

About Erin Villarose

Hi, I'm Erin Villarose! I am a college student studying Social Work at Cairn University and this summer I have the incredible opportunity to share the Gospel with women who have worked in the sex industry and/or have been associated with sex trafficking. I'll be going from York, PA all the way to Louisville, Kentucky to intern under Love Thy Neighborhood, which is an amazing organization committed to Christ, community, and reaching out to those in need. I will be spending 30 hours a week, from late May to mid August, helping out a ministry which provides meals, job training, counseling, weekly Bible study, childcare, mentoring and friendship to women and children. I am beyond excited and grateful for this opportunity! If you or able, or feel led to donate, please do so, and please keep me and the rest of the 2018 LTN summer team in your prayers! Thank you!