I will be able to partner up with my friends and get to know them as a` family. But also we are going to disciple other people in the neighborhood.
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About Hannah Jones

Hey family and friends!

So, I somehow finished college you all. I am constantly questioning myself and wondering how on earth did I manage to finish school. Well, with God's grace and my parents pushing and encouraging me to continue pursuing my degree I was able to do it! You all might be wondering, well, since I'm done with college what will I do now? You might be thinking, will Hannah continue to do school and get her masters or will she do an internship with her church? Or will she just go work at a coffee shop in which, I have to say, could be a fun choice.

Well, I am very glad that you all asked me that question because by God's grace I have been accepted into Love Thy Neighborhood again! As many of you all might remember I did this last summer. Love Thy Neighborhood was a really good experience in the summer and I really felt like God was calling me to do it again. So, after Christmas, I moved into my new apartment on January 8th. I was welcomed by many other interns who were already living in the other apartments. I was super nervous, but excited at the same time to meet my new roommates. On our first week we were able to share stories of our lives and some of the stories where emotional since some came hard family back grounds.

My roommates and I have been together for at least three weeks. We've quickly connected with each other and we even named our apartment "The Bird House." The reason we named our apartment "The Bird House" is because it is very small apartment compared to the other apartments. My roommates are Sami, Brittany, and Amanda. Sami is doing Sojourn Arts through our church. Brittany is doing Scarlet Hope, which is a ministry in which they help woman learn how to live life to the uttermost fulfillment. Scarlet Hope also helps woman who are in the sex industry to learn and know that they have other alternatives of living life. Amanda does BesideU4Life, which is a ministry in which they talk to woman who are thinking of aborting the child. BesideU4Life helps those woman by giving them alternatives in keeping the child or giving the child for adoption. My area is children's ministry; I have always loved children and always had a great connection to them. I want to eventually be a Children's director or the Children's Minster in a church setting.

Now that I have talked about my amazing roommates; I have to talk about fundraising. I know I am asking for money you all. Every Team M ember has a goal to reach by the end of the year and mine is $9,900. Now you might think this crazy, but it really is not. The $9,900 amount is worth a year and you would be helping me and my friends by giving us money for housing, groceries, transportation, training, and curriculum for the whole year. Anything you can do to donate to us will bring me and my team closer to our goal and it will make our mission possible. If each person who receives this letter could donates $50 a month, I will be able to do this.

I honestly can't do this without you. I know the Lord has called me to LTN and I need your help. Regardless of your financial involvement, I need your prayer and support. I am counting on each of you to lift up my ministry work to our Father on my behalf. If you want to receive my monthly newsletters let me know that as well. You can be sure I will need and appreciate that kind of support. Thank you for your support! I look forward to sharing more with you each month.

Thank you so much! 


Hannah Jones