Learning how to love others as they come and how they are, no matter what, is so important to me. Just loving on others and helping walk with them through hard times.
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    Teresa Baumli

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    Jessica, you make me proud! I am proud of your bravery, compassion and desire to help. I know this year will be great for you. I love you dearly!

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About JJ Baumli

I am a born and bred KC girl who’s ready to help, and who felt a very strong call from God to go through with coming to Louisville. I work with Scarlet Hope, a non-profit that helps exploited women who want to better themselves. This year I will also be getting to learn more and more about myself, my walk with God, learning how to love my neighbors, live on a low budget, do life with roommates and other interns, and how to adult. I get to grow deep relationships with the people around me and learn how to reach out to others. I can’t wait to see what will happen next!