Our mission is to help break cycles of poverty while armed with the Word and love of God.
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    Halima Brown

    $50.00 / 4 days ago

    Jamara, it has always been a blessing to know you. It has also been a blessing to see your devotion to the LORD GOD and the call I your life! Keep doing Great Works in Jesus name! God loves you. I love you my wonderful Sister in Christ! ūüíô

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    Victoria Xia

    $25.72 monthly / 17 days ago

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    Keep on keeping on JamJam!! Praying for you from the east coast :)

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    Kimberly Backey

    $50.00 / 18 days ago

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    Marie Elliott

    $20.00 / 18 days ago

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    Maguy Esther Salima Kitoko

    $10.29 / 42 days ago

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    Jarvis Williams

    $50.00 / 79 days ago

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    Robby Allen

    $25.72 / 84 days ago

    "Architecture begins where engineering ends." - Walter Gropius

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    $25.72 / 84 days ago

    Thank you Jamara for reaching out. Continue to do work for the Kingdom of God. This is indeed a community effort.

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    $1,029.00 / 85 days ago

    To God be the glory for the things He has done.

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    Stanley Page

    $25.00 / 86 days ago

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    Tim Dillman

    $514.50 / 91 days ago

    We look forward to hearing about your work!

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    Tim Anderson

    $25.72 / 100 days ago

    Jamara has incredible passion and talent. She is a very fine young lady worth supporting!

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    Aaron Adkins

    $5.00 / 102 days ago

    Thank you in advance for the trip up to New York! We don't see each other much, but you're always fun to be around and I hope to get to know you better in 2018! I'd love to hear more about what you've been doing in the Construction track and how that's been. See you around and Merry Christmas!

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    Michael Kubinec

    $30.00 monthly / 103 days ago

    Valued At: $360.00

    Hi Jamara, We're excited to be able to partner with you and LTN! We look forward to getting your newsletters (please send to michael.a.kubinec@gmail.com and Mariko.kubinec@gmail.com) and seeing how God works through you! In Christ, Mike and Mariko

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    $51.45 / 106 days ago

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    Meredith Kaltenecker

    $30.87 / 107 days ago

    God bless!

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    Barbara Kaczmarek

    $51.45 / 107 days ago

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    Alex Nolan

    $30.00 monthly / 109 days ago

    Valued At: $360.00

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    Joel Kotarski

    $10.00 monthly / 109 days ago

    Valued At: $120.00

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    Tracy Martin

    $50.00 monthly / 109 days ago

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    Jason Stephens

    $90.00 / 110 days ago

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    Valerie Parrott

    $500.00 / 110 days ago

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    Tim Dillman

    $51.45 monthly / 111 days ago

    Valued At: $617.40

    We would love to hear more about what you are doing. My wife is a CE as well. Please email or call us at 502-645-7290. Peace, Tim

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    Jonathan Henry

    $30.87 monthly / 111 days ago

    Valued At: $370.44

    God Bless you Jamara

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    $10.29 monthly / 116 days ago

    Valued At: $123.48

    Be encouraged!

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    Timothy Cherry

    $51.45 monthly / 117 days ago

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    Jennifer Towner

    $25.72 biweekly / 168 days ago

    Valued At: $617.28

    Jamara, Praying for you in this important ministry in our community. May God richly bless you and those you are serving! Marty and Jennifer Towner

About Jamara Beard

Imagine the U.S. Olympic symbol with constantly moving gears instead of interlocking circles. The gears represent factors that influence poverty in an individual's life. If only a couple of the gears are removed, poverty still continues because of the several other interdependent factors. 
We know plenty of people and organizations who fight to stop the gears in the robust machine of poverty. What if while fighting poverty, we exposed some of the hidden gears (like psychological trauma and reconciliation)? What if we redefined poverty to include not just our physical and economical state, but also our spiritual and emotional state? This will take A LOT of truth telling and it's not always pretty. Welcome to Team Ugly Cry Unfiltered where we cry tears of joy as we encounter God in a scary real way.