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Morgan’s LTN Fundraising

Morgan Hays / 2020-2021 Year Team

God has called believers to love and serve, when you love others you want to serve them.
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About Morgan’s LTN Fundraising

Hi!! I have been given an amazing opportunity to move to Louisville, KY! I will be serving at a pregnancy center called BsideU for life, working as a counseling assistant. This is an incredible program that not only promotes serving within the community, but also within a local church. While living here for a year, I will gain hands-on experience about ministry and grow in my relationship with Christ, all while receiving my bachelor degree in Social Work. I’m calling on all of my family and friends to help me fundraise for this amazing opportunity!!!! I understand if you can’t give, so please pray for me as I am embarking on this new ministry journey! Love you all and thank you in advance!!