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Omonikhefe Aghomon

Omonikhefe Aghomon / Summer 2020

Youth for Christ is a organization on FIRE for real time transformation in the every day lives of West Louisville's urban youth, families, and their communities at large. Young adults gather from every part of the globe with their own unique strengths, gifts, and experiences, seeking to pour into, pursue after, and push youth into the fullness of GOD's best for their life as great leaders passionate about their relationship with Jesus and their neighbors. 

By way of prayer, living in solidarity with the Shawnee neighborhood, partnering with community churches, organizations, and GOD, participating in this program will address the culture of segregated Louisville in the Shawnee neighborhood, often times ravishing young people's lives by way of lack of resources, under-performing schools, heavy violence, and drug usage. “Youth for Christ” will serve as a safe space for Shawnee’s youth to get to know their true identities in the image of God, not based on their current living conditions. In addition, Youth for Christ will be walking with them in their new stories of how God has crafted their unique personalities, skills, and abilities, and into a new start, encouraging and empowering them to see themselves as worthy of redemption, restoration, and renewal. 

By leading Shawnee’s youth through a holistic model involving “basic health and safety, educational success, spiritual and moral literacy, economic literacy and civil literacy”, young leaders will rise up as true and impacted followers of Jesus, dedicated to the life giving Word of God, prevailing in renewed mindsets and sharpened life skills, as they commit to social change within their own communities!
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About Omonikhefe Aghomon

Welcome to my team! I appreciate your presence here at this very moment. My name is Omonikhefe Aghomon! I am a 24 year old, Nigerian(Edo)-American, hailing from New York's very own, Long Island. So the vision that GOD has been preparing and building me up for, I recognize is larger than the pressures and fears COVID-19 had tried to incur in my life and in the lives of others. In this season of my life I plan to leave behind what has been most comforting, to enter into a place, though seemingly unfamiliar, hands me over to a challenging, yet fulfilling place of growth and community. We may not all be able to go out and leave behind our own families, friends, work, school, and the other pressing demands from our immediate surroundings, but that does not mean that you cannot still partner with the incredible, life changing work GOD, through some sent on this mission, will be affecting in young people’s lives and their communities this summer. 

West Louisville’s youth were, similarly, once us. Unfortunately, unlike many of those youth members, behind many of today’s celebrated success stories, were people called “destiny enhancers”. People given deeply discerning eyes to spot and faithfully commit themselves to unearthing potential, soon after, brought out a fruitful reality. So I humbly invite YOU, destiny enhancer, to sow a seed of love, commitment, empowerment, upliftment, care, and support to a community seen to others as a castaway, but in the eyes of GOD as truly worth redeeming, restoring, and recreating. The youth of today are the leaders in their own communities tomorrow! As you sow, I encourage you to “cultivate the ground” by praying alongside or hoping in the vision for these young leaders lives to become utterly transformed in their new, refreshed, and confident Christ-centered identities, that will directly and positively change their families, neighborhoods, and communities as well!