Deborah Jones

Deborah Jones / Summer 2020

Through my internship with Media & Design, I’m making an impact on the lost snd hurting world through the power of the Gospel.

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    Amber Barney

    $50.00 / 6 days ago

    So happy for you and proud of you for serving, using your passion and talents to spread God's love and His message! You are an amazing young lady and I am blessed to know and support you! Love you Deb! Make the most of this opportunity! <3

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    Ruth Calleja

    $50.00 / 7 days ago

    Congratulations Deb. I'll be praying for you and your team.

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    Shelly Bennett

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    Jordan Lienhoop

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    Hannah Bernados

    $102.90 / 13 days ago

    Go serve others like Christ commanded! Love you girl!

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    Annie Jones

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    Michael Jones

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    Suzanne Norquist

    $51.45 / 98 days ago

About Deborah Jones

This summer I have been accepted into a team-based, full-time, missions program for young adults in Louisville, KY called Love Thy Neighborhood. Team members live in an urban community for a summer while serving alongside a Christ-centered nonprofit. Believing that relationships change lives. Team Members emphasize spending time with their neighbors, their church, each other and with God.