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Alyssa Farrell

Alyssa Farrell / Summer 2020

Through my internship in editing and multicultural church ministry, I'm making an impact on the lost and hurting world through the power of the Gospel.
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    $222.26 / 22 days ago

    This is a wonderful opportunity for you, Alyssa! We will be praying for you and this important work that you are doing this summer. May God continue to bless you!

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    Jason Marker

    $500.00 / 25 days ago

    May the Lord bless you and protect you as you serve as his hands and feet in Louisville. -The Markers

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    John Farrell

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    Becca Hood

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    Excited to see you use your gifts and grow in Jesus this summer. Will be praying for you!

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    Alyssa Farrell

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    From Kenedy Keiffer.

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    Hi Alyssa! What an exciting opportunity! Thank you for giving our family the opportunity to pray for you! Looking forward to hearing how everything goes! ❤️

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    St. Mark Missionary Church

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    Debra Curl

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    Rick Ogden

    $30.00 / 40 days ago

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    $51.45 / 40 days ago

    Alyssa, It was great to get to know and work with you last summer in Fiji. I am praying that God will do a good work in you and use you and the Team to accomplish God's work in the communities where you work and live.

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    Hollie Meyers

    $10.00 / 40 days ago

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    $102.90 / 48 days ago

    Have a great trip, Alyssa. We're praying for God to work in and through you this summer!

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    Ellen Durling

    $51.45 / 49 days ago

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    Elissa Erb

    $25.00 / 51 days ago

    Sending you love and prayers!

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    $50.00 / 52 days ago

    Alyssa! My family was happy to help support you in your journey to love and serve others, something that comes so naturally to you. I have no doubt that God will show you amazing things and will work through you in a million different ways during this internship. You're going to do great things this summer. - Ellie Fauntleroy

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    Ela Alvarado

    $25.00 / 80 days ago

    Alyssa, you are a light to the world and I'm sure you'll be a light to this community! May God empower you through this donation to be his light and feet:) love you!

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    Abby Anderson

    $50.00 / 80 days ago

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    Elisabeth Burchfield

    $30.00 / 81 days ago

About Alyssa Farrell

I'm excited to partner with Love Thy Neighborhood to serve at Sojourn Church Midtown as their summer discipleship assistant! 

Before everything began shutting down from the pandemic, I applied to serve as a summer missionary with Love Thy Neighborhood (LTN) in Louisville, Kentucky. LTN is an urban missions agency that equips and mobilizes interns to work with the poor, suffering, and marginalized in Louisville. This organization intentionally crafts in fifteen hours per week outside internship sites to spend with neighbors, the local church, each other, and God through weekly small groups, community outreach, and service opportunities.

I was offered a position at Sojourn Church Midtown as the discipleship assistant to edit discipleship curriculum. Not only does this internship merge my passions for missions and writing, it also provides invaluable career experience in multicultural church ministry and editing!

I have accepted the offer to intern with LTN because I believe people need to see God’s presence radiating through His people. With social distancing and constant unknowns overshadowing 2020, loving our neighbors has looked unmistakably different. Now that things are starting to open up again and LTN has officially announced the internship will still continue this summer, this is the time to love those around me more intentionally.