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Hannah Key - Summer Internship

Hannah Key / Summer 2019 Team

This summer, I am interning for an organization called Love Thy Neighborhood. This organization offers many different tracks that work together to promote social justice in urban settings. I am hoping to fund-raise money to support my internship there this summer, and so I can work for something I strongly believe in.
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    Elizabeth Ann Arnold

    $1,000.00 / Yesterday

    This $1,000. 00 donation is from all the ones who donated through my card donations. And a few were just straight donations. MUCH appreciation to Debbie Tatum, Pam White, Genie Williams. Cathy McCraken, Becky Jones, Sammie Cobern, Betty Strickland, Pam Mills, Bettye Carver, Mary Alice Patterson, Kathy Waycaster, Dona Lovelace, Carol Bell Brown, Carolyn Arnold, Toni Hill and Brenda Allen. There was also an Anonymous donation also. THANK YOU so much, Ladies!!

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    Brenda Miller

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    Geneva (Sue) Cobern

    $102.90 / 3 days ago

    I don’t know Hannah Key personally, however she comes from a fine Christian family. I am friends with her grandmother and I know Hannah will be an asset to any team or organization. Hannah, I hope you have a wonderful summer and even better internship.

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    Geneva (Sue) Cobern

    $102.90 / 3 days ago

    I don’t know Hannah Key personally, but I am friends with her grandmother. I know this family is the best ever. I feel very confident that Hannah will be an asset to any team or arganization. Hannah, I hope your internship goes well and you have a great summer.

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    Loria Hess

    $25.00 / 4 days ago

    So proud of you Hannah and God Bless you on your mission 😊

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    Elizabeth Ann Arnold

    $51.45 / 5 days ago

    I am SO proud to be a small part of this organization by donating and very proud to support Hannah Key! Have known her all of her life and I know she will be an asset to your Group this summer!!! God Bess and keep you all safe. <3

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    Steven Key

    $100.00 / 5 days ago

About Hannah Key - Summer Internship

  Of the many tracks that Love The Neighborhood offers, the Sex Industry Ministry track spoke to my heart the most. I learned about this track, and this organization, when I attended a conference dedicated to missions work. I was able to attend this conference through Johnson University, where I am currently a freshman. While at this conference, I attended many sessions lead by wonderful organizations like Rapha House and Blackbox International, that spoke about the growing issue of human trafficking. My heart broke as I heard the statistics, but I also felt an overwhelming drive to help these individuals who have been hurt by trafficking. My internship at Love Thy Neighborhood is the start I need to gain confidence in speaking on this issue, and working more closely with individuals who have been hurt or trapped by the Sex Industry. I believe this will be a great opportunity for me to grow in my Faith, and to help others grow along side me. I have always been a timid person, and I believe this internship will allow me to gain my voice as I work with new people, lead small groups, and form friendships. I will base these new relationships I build on Jesus Christ, and share His never ending love and mercy. Remembering Christ's love and mercy is what has helped me through difficult times in my life, so I wish to share this with others who are suffering through hardships. My favorite verse from the Bible is found in 1 Peter, which states, "Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins." This is my favorite verse for I believe one of the most important things we can do as Christians is to show love to all, and this is what I intend to do over the course of the summer. 
  I am very excited to work with Love Thy Neighborhood this summer, and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am extremely blessed to be given this opportunity, and look forward to working for an organization with a strong compassion for social justice. I am now working to raise money for this internship, and would greatly appreciate any support to help get me there!

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