Through my internship serving those in need of medical assistance, I'm making an impact on the lost and hurting world through the power of the Gospel.
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    Chloe Wilkerson

    $51.45 / 9 days ago

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    Roberta Stacy

    $50.00 / 28 days ago

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    Jordan Lienhoop

    $35.00 / 28 days ago

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    Philip Golden

    $20.58 / 28 days ago

    Love hearing about all the awesome kingdom work you all are doing!!

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    $456.00 / 125 days ago

    Praying for the team and the work they’ll be doing in Shelby Park!

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    Carolyn Fantz

    $200.00 / 135 days ago

    We are happy to support you in your endeavors. Please keep us updated. We would like to hear from you. Your Grandpa remembers fondly of the times with you and your brother at the dojo.

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    Jeff Stantliff

    $125.00 / 139 days ago

    Trevor, Thank you for all you do. Love Dad

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    Nathan Jones

    $20.00 / 141 days ago

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    Anea Thornock

    $30.00 monthly / 142 days ago

    Valued At: $360.00

    I am so proud of this young adult mission group. You are following God's path, learning about our community, performing acts of service and growing in your heart. So proud of you Trevor for listening to your calling. Love you and good luck team. Mom

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    Sara Ostrander

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    Brooke Rhine

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    Erika Laws

    $10.00 / 161 days ago

    So excited for you Trevor and this opportunity! I know God will use you to do great things in the community for Him!

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    Chris Hunt

    $5.00 / 162 days ago

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    Luke Allison

    $154.35 / 190 days ago

    The harvest is plentiful! Love that you're meeting physical and spiritual need in Louisville.

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    Helen Ryan

    $25.73 / 192 days ago

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    Hope Roman

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    So excited for you!!

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    James Wheeler

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    Alice Stantliff

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    Jeff Stantliff

    $25.00 / 206 days ago

    Trevor, I'm so proud of you. A father could not be more proud of their son, than I am of you. Love Dad

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    Steven Neal

    $100.00 / 210 days ago

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    Martha Phillips

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    Corey Schmatjen

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    Chloe Wilkerson

    $92.61 / 223 days ago

    Trevor, I'm super encouraged by your heart for this ministry, and I'm looking forward to the ways the Lord is going to use you this summer! Praying for you and the team!

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    Erin Stewart

    $50.00 / 224 days ago

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    Josh Rothschild

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    $435.00 / 234 days ago

    Have fun, Love dad

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    Mark Zawadzki

    $100.00 / 236 days ago

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    Roberta Stacy

    $25.00 / 243 days ago

About Trevor Stantliff


This summer I will be joining an urban ministry called Love Thy Neighborhood (LTN). This program equips young adults with the resources and opportunity to serve and live within the inner-city. Throughout the summer, I will be teaming up with the local church and other young adults to focused on loving people who are in need and hurting in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Additionally, I will be serving with a ministry that provides health care in a low-income neighborhood. This health care clinic provides both physical and spiritual care for patients. Without this ministry, patients would have to travel 45 minutes by bus to the next-nearest health clinic. 

God has prepared my life for a career in the medical field and has given me this great opportunity to experience the intersection between the Gospel and my passions in medicine. I believe that through this internship, LTN will shape me into the servant leader that God desires for me. Furthermore, this will be a pivotal experience for my preparation to be a medical missionary. 

My goal is to raise $2,700 to cover 3 months of service ($900/month). This money would cover the cost of housing, groceries, transportation, training, etc. Anything that you can commit will bring me closer to that goal and make my mission possible. 

Thank you and God Bless, 

Trevor Stantliff