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The Bruner Bunch

Evan Bruner / Summer 2018 Team

Thank you for visiting my page! Any and all support would be very much appreciated, be it prayers or monetary. 
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    Loren Parham

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    Alta Ennen

    $102.90 / 12 days ago

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    Dana Kingshill

    $154.35 / 15 days ago

    Evan, it sounds like a very worthy endeavor you are planning. Go out there and make a positive difference in the world! Best wishes, Dana Barrow Kingshill (your cousin once removed)

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    Lori Osmus

    $50.00 / 15 days ago

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    Winona Bruner

    $150.00 / 18 days ago

    Evan, so proud to support you and your team in this mission!

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    Staci Lockhart

    $102.90 / 19 days ago

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    Jada Gailey

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About The Bruner Bunch

I am a double major student studying Pre-Med Biology and Ministry at Missouri Southern State University and Ozark Christian College. My first and foremost passion is in serving Jesus and I am beyond excited to serve in Lousiville this summer. More about me, I am a die-hard Oklahoma Sooners and Oklahoma City Thunder fan, I love spending time with people, and my favorite show of all time is Psych.