Through my internship with Visual Arts, I'm making an impact on the lost and hurting world through the power of the Gospel.
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    Dear Lulu, 把神的愛傳出去❤️

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    Dear Lulu: We are so excited that you will have the opportunity to learn how to love like Jesus this summer through the love your neighbourhood project. May you be blessed richly in return.

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    Jordan Lienhoop

    $20.00 / 64 days ago

    Lulu, I'm so happy that you are coming to Louisville this summer to serve with LTN and Sojourn Arts. Can't wait to work alongside you! :)

About Lulu Hou

I am from Toronto, and I am looking forward in serving God through art. I believe that through anything, God can make it be to His Glory. That is why I applied for the Visual Arts Track, I want to use what I had learned in school, the gift that God had given to me, to use that to share the Gospel to others. And through going on this missions internship, I will be able to do exactly that.