Through my internship serving in Neighborhood Renewal, I'm making an impact on the lost and hurting world through the power of the Gospel.
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    Teresa Aughinbaugh

    $102.90 / 46 days ago

    We are so proud of you and thank God for this opportunity. Our prayers will be with you. We love you, Mother Teresa & Dan

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    Keith Turberville

    $100.00 / 47 days ago

  • D41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e? nophoto

    Brooke Bell

    $150.00 / 47 days ago

  • D41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e? nophoto

    Donna Hasty

    $50.00 / 47 days ago

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    Lisa Baker

    $51.45 / 48 days ago

  • F01d32f6dcee7cb08bf1d10a2524bfc7? nophoto

    Bethany Langner

    $25.72 / 48 days ago

    Proud of you bro!!

  • Aa2382372f5ddcba6e59076d34812d3b? nophoto

    Nathan Arnold

    $51.45 / 52 days ago

    We love you Koby! Praying for your time this summer. - Nate and AK

  • Avatar person


    $41.16 / 54 days ago

    A proud friend! Will be praying!

  • F70b1597a043037966423b6c7740e083? nophoto

    Meredith Bowden

    $15.43 / 55 days ago

  • Db7487821d124b9ff49d8f1882148489? nophoto

    Leon Hicks

    $102.90 / 55 days ago

    Koby, We are very proud of your commitment to the work of our Lord. May you continue to be blessed and be a blessing. Leon and Brenda Hicks

  • 2da1144a7b55dbe49a06f7a75df7df69? nophoto

    Kenneth Sexton

    $102.90 / 56 days ago

    Love what God is doing in Koby’s life. I pray this will be a life changing experience for him and his team.

  • D41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e? nophoto

    Nancy Speer

    $25.00 / 56 days ago

  • D41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e? nophoto

    Karen McDonald

    $100.00 / 56 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $100.00 / 60 days ago

    Praying this time is meaningful for you and helpful to them!

  • 7923dd6c1f7e687c3841d443851e1100? nophoto

    David Andrews

    $100.00 / 60 days ago

  • A16cf2002a1116dc62611379d6788f9a? nophoto

    Kenzie King

    $30.87 / 63 days ago

  • B1f73cc5f275800d9134322dab3d87dd? nophoto

    Jordan Anderson

    $102.90 / 63 days ago

    Praying for you brother!

  • E0c5311f5844efe2ab30b6b54f5370f0? nophoto

    Sandra Rasberry

    $102.90 / 64 days ago

    Koby, We are very happy that you are willing to serve in God's Kingdom work. We are praying for you and the team as you help to impact our neighbors' lives with the gospel. Love, Uncle Danny and Aunt Sandi

  • E0ec918951ec629eeed3e121a921a991? nophoto

    Tim Cochran

    $102.90 / 64 days ago

    Koby, Aunt Becky and I are proud of you choosing to invest in others. We know that our Father who calls us also equips us. Looking forward to see what He does in you this summer.

  • D41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e? nophoto

    Faye McElrath

    $300.00 / 67 days ago

  • A8d61b4e139b0620e6182e42486a3d68? nophoto

    John and Suzanne Funk

    $100.00 / 67 days ago

    Praying for you, Koby. Love you.

  • 84db5e7d68ad66475e479e9125ef46cb? nophoto

    Mia Zera

    $15.00 / 69 days ago

  • 960ffac0745778a145dd8b1650706332? nophoto

    Kelby Bibler

    $20.58 / 70 days ago

    Proud of you man! Can't wait to see how God will work through you during this process. All the best to you in your calling and mission.

  • 00931360a50419e3be679b5027986ef3? nophoto

    Kate Tarr

    $100.00 / 70 days ago

    Excited to hear about how God uses you in Louisville this summer Koby! - The Tarrs

  • 80e6735fd4d83b011dfccb530b0fb487? nophoto

    Aaron Wilder

    $15.00 / 70 days ago

  • D6c97769015dd0e28d8ccd4f0c140233? nophoto

    Axis Church

    $200.00 / 70 days ago

    Love you Koby! Your church is very proud of the man you are becoming!

  • 8ddab10bda4484c40367bf6a3b933a3b? nophoto

    Kevin Twit

    $50.00 / 70 days ago

  • 17ddb3690e7b66171d3f421ae109f86c? nophoto

    Elizabeth McElrath

    $200.00 / 71 days ago

    Koby I’m so proud of you and I’ll be praying for your team.

  • 71f2ab80c3dced38bed22ec4d9f1525a? nophoto

    Taylor Brown

    $15.00 / 71 days ago

    I’m so proud of and for excited for you Koby! I know the Lord will show you so much this summer. You have my prayers, support, and friendship always brother.

  • B1c818b617b00362d8194baf54c443b4? nophoto

    Landon Wolford

    $20.00 / 71 days ago

    So proud of you and the incredible work you are doing in the name of Jesus! Love you so much, Kobes!

  • Standard 1504818750000782093230358090da949641e6ece1314a0cc07e70fa43cba664778580adbe88f02f8afa7460f30696fca518bc5e3cc09ccf13245a8ad0a05506800a5bed67c1d

    Earl Johnson

    $200.00 / 71 days ago

    Excited about what God will be doing through your team. You will remain in our prayers.

  • 0e94773db71f3cdf29629cde28d33fee? nophoto

    Lisa Araujo

    $102.90 / 71 days ago

    Prayers for you, your team, and the life changing, hard work ahead. Your obedience to God’s calling is a blessing to witness and support. We look forward hearing how God works through you all!

About Koby Langner

My journey in discovering LTN is lathered with God’s grace and faithfulness. I began looking for summer opportunities last December but continued to find myself in front of opportunities that were either impractical or irrelevant to my personal, professional, and spiritual goals. One night near the end of this search, I typed “theology student summer internship help” into my search bar and by God’s sovereignty (and Google’s algorithms), LTN appeared on page 3. I read through every page of the website—the more I read, the more I was floored by how closely this organization reflected the values that I had been passionate about in the last few months. I finished the application two hours later and had my interview the next week. I look forward to sharing how I grow through my work with LTN and Seed to Oaks this summer. God is faithful! I’m excited to see what’s next.