Through my internship serving in Neighborhood Renewal, I'm making an impact on the lost and hurting world through the power of the Gospel.
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    Sean Grossnickle

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    Praying God does a mighty work through all of you and that this experience will be a formative one that you will remember all of your life.

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    David Richey

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    Praying for the fruitfulness of this work! God is near to it!

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    Jordan Dunn

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    Praying for you as you work to impact lives for Christ! Thankful for your heart and excited to see what the Lord is doing through you Koby!

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    Always willing to help. Proud of you guys!

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    Teresa Aughinbaugh

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    We are so proud of you and thank God for this opportunity. Our prayers will be with you. We love you, Mother Teresa & Dan

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    Bethany Langner

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    Proud of you bro!!

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    Lisa Baker

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    Nathan Arnold

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    We love you Koby! Praying for your time this summer. - Nate and AK

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    A proud friend! Will be praying!

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    Meredith Bowden

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    Leon Hicks

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    Koby, We are very proud of your commitment to the work of our Lord. May you continue to be blessed and be a blessing. Leon and Brenda Hicks

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    Kenneth Sexton

    $102.90 / 114 days ago

    Love what God is doing in Koby’s life. I pray this will be a life changing experience for him and his team.

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    Nancy Speer

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    Karen McDonald

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    Praying this time is meaningful for you and helpful to them!

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    Praying for you brother!

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    Sandra Rasberry

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    Koby, We are very happy that you are willing to serve in God's Kingdom work. We are praying for you and the team as you help to impact our neighbors' lives with the gospel. Love, Uncle Danny and Aunt Sandi

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    Tim Cochran

    $102.90 / 123 days ago

    Koby, Aunt Becky and I are proud of you choosing to invest in others. We know that our Father who calls us also equips us. Looking forward to see what He does in you this summer.

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    Faye McElrath

    $300.00 / 125 days ago

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    John and Suzanne Funk

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    Praying for you, Koby. Love you.

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    Mia Zera

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    Axis Church

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    Love you Koby! Your church is very proud of the man you are becoming!

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    Kevin Twit

    $50.00 / 129 days ago

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    Kelby Bibler

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    Proud of you man! Can't wait to see how God will work through you during this process. All the best to you in your calling and mission.

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    Aaron Wilder

    $15.00 / 129 days ago

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    Excited to hear about how God uses you in Louisville this summer Koby! - The Tarrs

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    Elizabeth McElrath

    $200.00 / 130 days ago

    Koby I’m so proud of you and I’ll be praying for your team.

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    Taylor Brown

    $15.00 / 130 days ago

    I’m so proud of and for excited for you Koby! I know the Lord will show you so much this summer. You have my prayers, support, and friendship always brother.

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    Landon Wolford

    $20.00 / 130 days ago

    So proud of you and the incredible work you are doing in the name of Jesus! Love you so much, Kobes!

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    Earl Johnson

    $200.00 / 130 days ago

    Excited about what God will be doing through your team. You will remain in our prayers.

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    Lisa Araujo

    $102.90 / 130 days ago

    Prayers for you, your team, and the life changing, hard work ahead. Your obedience to God’s calling is a blessing to witness and support. We look forward hearing how God works through you all!

About Koby Langner

August Update!

My housemates and I hosted a dinner party a few weeks ago. (Pro Tip: make sure you know how to light a charcoal grill before your guests come over.) Actually, every Saturday night our schedule has a space to invite people over for dinner, but to be honest with you, we haven't been perfect with this part of the program. There have been several nights when it’s only my roommates and I staring at each other across the table until someone asks, "So...did anyone invite anyone over?" And then we all stare blankly until someone starts eating. But a couple of weeks ago, we said, “Okay, we’re going to make this happen.” So, we did. And it was…confusing?


Let me explain. It was Saturday night. We had our hamburger patties and charcoal, and some of my roommates were prepping the grill while I sat in my favorite spot, the bench on our front porch, waiting for our guests to arrive. They trickled in one-by-one, including a surprise appearance from our Cuban friend that I mentioned last month, Mr. F. I went around and chatted with some of our guests before circling back to the bench where everyone began to congregate.


I sat on the bench by Mr. F. He was really excited about the hamburgers: “Delicious! Delicious!” he told us. I chatted with him while the guys were still trying to figure out how to light the grill. I ignored the copious amount of lighter fluid they were spraying—yes, spraying, like a fire hose—on the charcoal as Mr. F talked to me. (There was a two hour delay while the guys watched YouTube videos on how to light the grill, so we ordered pizza as an appetizer.) Then out of nowhere, Mr. F started to open up in a way that he hadn’t before: “This is good,” he told my roommate and me. “This is good. Conversation is good! Company is good! I get lonely. This is good place to live! You don’t want to leave do you? This is good place!” 


I was surprised, in a good way, at how abruptly our conversation shifted from hamburgers to the universal human experience of loneliness. I looked at Mr. F. Here was a fifty-year-old man, a political refugee from Cuba, whose closest family member lived in Miami. He didn’t even own a phone. For all I know, we may be the only people he sees and talks to everyday. Strangely, he looked more familiar to me than he had before. I realized that I may have nothing in common with the man in front of me except for the fact that we both long to be in community.


As I processed this, I started to look around our front porch: I saw Mr. F; I saw a Cambodian man in his twenties who worked at a Nail Salon in Indiana; I saw a recent high school graduate who immigrated from Kenya; I saw my roommates; I saw a couple of church friends. Suddenly, it clicked—what a weird and confusing group of people we had over for dinner that night. How did this eclectic group of people end up at our house? 


Then, I remembered a passage that I had read earlier that week from Mark 2. It’s an image most Christians are familiar with: Jesus eating dinner with tax collectors and sinners—a ragtag group of people who longed to be known and loved. The Pharisees looked at Jesus’ dinner table and were confused, “Why?” they asked. “Why are you inviting these people over for dinner?” Jesus replied, “It’s not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” So, then I realized: the kingdom of God is confusing. Why else would such random people be at our house for dinner unless the Gospel is true? So, I embraced the confusion. The Gospel brings together unlikely friendships and unlikely dinner parties for no other reason except that—it’s true!




The first day of training, our LTN director stood on stage and asked this question: “What are six sermons that have changed your life?” He gave us ten seconds to think. I came up with one. He interrupted our mind-racking and asked a different question, “Now, this time, try to think of six people that have changed your life.” It took me less than two seconds to think of six names and some more on top of that. “This is what LTN is about: relationships change lives.” And he’s right. Of course, sermons are necessary and important for the Church, but Jesus’ ministry wasn’t just about sermonizing, it was about incarnation. And by “incarnation” I mean Jesus “became flesh and blood and moved into our neighborhood” (Eugene Peterson’s translation of John 1:14). Unfortunately, I often find myself moving towards people with social power and influence, but Jesus did the opposite. He moved towards the social outcasts, towards those he had nothing to gain from. What would it look like for me to do the opposite of my instinct and move towards unlikely relationships just because the Gospel is true? 

There are so many insights I am taking away from my experience this summer, but if I could share just one, it would be that the Gospel is first and foremost relational. In Christian community, we make ourselves known to others so that we can be loved and reminded of God’s love for us. Then, as Christians, we move towards outsiders, building unlikely friendships, meeting the needs around us, and inviting others into the strange fellowship of the kingdom of God. The Gospel advances through the slow, hard, but rewarding work of Christians befriending others. This is a way of living and doing ministry that I will certainly look to transfer to my "normal" life outside of LTN—the everyday, "crockpot" ministry of pressing into community and inviting others in.


It seems unfair to only leave you with one big insight, but there’s only so much I can say in these 1000-word newsletters. So, I'm going to leave it on that note knowing that I will get to share many more discoveries and stories in person! Thank you for following and supporting my time with Love Thy Neighborhood this summer. I hope that you’ve been able to catch a glimpse at some of the work that God has done in and through me over the last ten weeks. I can't wait to get coffee and tell more!

All the best,