Through my internship in Social Interprise: The Bakery, I am getting to work with amazing women who have been exploited and hurt by this world who have come to know god through Scarlet Hope. Through this summer I have grown closer to God and have had my eyes open to things I never would have without this opportunity.”
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    Brittany Baumli

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    Lisa Sullivan

    $25.00 / 34 days ago proud of you and what you are doing!

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    Deborah Florido

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    Thank you for being such a light for Gods people

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    Jessica! So wonderful to hear all about your internship and ministry with Scarlet Hope. Will be keeping you in prayer and will pray for continued connection, unity, and teamwork! I am confident God is working through all of you as you share His love to all who cross your path. Big hugs....I look forward to future newsletters! (Love you!....Pam Field)

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    Teresa Baumli

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    Teresa Baumli

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    We love you sis!

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    Annie Muckenthaler

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    Praying for you and so proud of you! Can’t wait to hear about it - Muckenthaler’s

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    Teresa Baumli

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    From Nannie with love.

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    Teresa Baumli

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    Thank you Jenny Baumli and Jerilyn Mammen. Jessica is so appreciative!

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    Teresa Baumli

    $257.25 / 138 days ago

    Jess, this is going to be a great opportunity for you to grow in your faith. I am so excited to see how God uses you this summer!

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    Erin Baldwin

    $41.16 / 145 days ago

    Go have the experience of a lifetime!

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    Patricia Jarvis

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    Brittany Baumli

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About Jessica Baumli

When I started this internship I was just hoping for some experience for going back home to start my own bakery, but being here in Louisville and seeing what God is doing through this ministry of Love Thy Neighborhood and through Scarlet Hope my whole goal and mindset has been changed. I know without a doubt this is where God has been leading me. Everything feels like it is in place working with this ministry. I am no longer searching for what I am meant to do, I have found it.