Sharing the gospel and helping those in need through art.
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    Good luck Abigail!

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    Abby, I'm so excited and grateful to have you serve with LTN and be a part of Sojourn Arts. Looking forward to working alongside you! :)

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    Jeannie Day

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    May the Lord bless you and your team as you serve him this summer.

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About Abigail Day

Hello, I am Abigail Day. I have an incredible opportunity to serve and share the Gospel in Louisville, Kentucky this summer. I would be working with an organization called Love Thy Neighborhood. Love thy Neighborhood is an agency committed to reaching out to those and need and giving them the gospel in many different ways. Love the neighborhood is committed to reaching out by building community. I will be involved in the Visual Arts track. I will be serving at Sojourn community Arts. I will be involved in helping the community through galleries, workshops, and beatification projects. Art can be a reflection of creator. I am really excited for this opportunity. Please pray and consider donating if you feel led.