My mission, prompted by the Great Commission, is to be the alive and active Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the homeless and marginalized in Louisville, Kentucky.
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    Thrivent Financial

    $50.00 / 17 days ago

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    David Hofmeister

    $100.00 / 47 days ago

    Very proud of our “little niece” for her servant heart. Will be praying for your safety & fruitfulness. Also praying U have air- conditioning

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    $154.35 / 51 days ago

    Hi Jessie, Please know that we support you and wish you the best as the Lord takes the next step with and through you. We hope you have a great summer - Rich and Trina Lee

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    Patt Kelsey

    $102.90 / 75 days ago

    What a blessing you will be to your team and those you'll be serving! We will be praying for your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs as you become the hands and feet of Jesus this summer. Love, hugs and prayers, Patt and PK

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    Rich Pekarsky

    $102.90 / 75 days ago

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    David Replogle

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    Melissa Hofmeister

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    $100.00 / 81 days ago

    Made in honor of Laurel Ragland. Thank you for your donation!

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    Marleen Viola

    $41.16 / 86 days ago

    Jessica we are soooo very proud of the woman that you have become! We have been so blessed by knowing you and your family. We hope this small donation will help you this summer and we know that you will do great things! We love you!

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    George Van Arsdale

    $25.00 / 88 days ago

    I wish you the best this summer along with your team as you step out into the world to serve Christ .

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    Danika Green

    $30.00 / 89 days ago

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    Made in honor of Troy and Debra Ammons.

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    Elizabeth Lee

    $51.45 / 94 days ago

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    $35.00 / 94 days ago

    So excited for you!!

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    Jennifer Vandenberg

    $75.00 / 95 days ago

    So proud of you!!! Good luck and have a great time.

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    Susan Fitzsimmons

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    Benjamin Misantone

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    Rena Rawlings

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    Rachelle Novotny

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    $300.00 / 114 days ago

    Thank you to Clifford Blake for this donation!

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    Caroll Stachurski

    $245.00 / 121 days ago

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    Michael Gentry

    $400.00 / 131 days ago

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    Delores Hofmeister

    $5.00 / 131 days ago

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    Roger Rome

    $102.90 / 145 days ago

    Jessie, the first step to being used by God is to make yourself available to Him, and you are doing that right now. Watch for where God is working and join Him in that. We're excited to hear your stories about what God does in and through you when you return!

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    Sean Carter

    $70.00 / 151 days ago

    May the Lord's angels watch over you on your journey and keep you safe as you watch God work in the lives you are impacting! Love you guys

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    Rich Pekarsky

    $102.90 / 151 days ago

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    Kevin Hebert

    $102.90 / 158 days ago

    Jessie, you have a heart after Chirst's own. We hope that you gain valuable skills that will help you in your journey. We pray that you make some lifelong connections, and that you bring others to have a relationship with our Lord as you do. We love you, The Heberts.

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    Paul Abney

    $277.83 / 160 days ago

    Good luck Jessie, we know your team will love you! Our prayers are with you, Jan & Paul

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    Catherine Gough

    $51.45 / 161 days ago

About Jessie Stachurski


My name is Jessie, and I want to personally thank you for taking the time to check out my page!

I am currently a Sophomore at Regent University, and I am studying Strategic Communications with a minor in Christian Ministry.  I plan to use my degree for non-profit marketing and administration--to be a voice for the voiceless, the forgotten, and the marginalized of this world. Serving with Love Thy Neighborhood this summer is the perfect opportunity to collaborate my "book knowledge" with real world, hands-on experience.

I will be partnering with Love Thy Neighborhood and the Louisville Rescue Mission for eleven weeks this summer. I will be serving in a day shelter that helps provide tangible and spiritual needs to the Louisville homeless community. In addition, I will be taking part in program development, volunteer management, communications and marketing, and general administrations for the organization. Love Thy Neighborhood strives to provide more than just "quick-fixes" to temporal problems, but seeks to permanently restore homeless men, women, and children through the saving power of Jesus Christ.

Like any mission trip, I need to raise support to cover 3 months of service, which will include the cost of housing, food, transportation, insurance, curriculum, and other necessities. My goal is to raise $2,700. Even though I work as many hours as I possibly can during semesters and on breaks, I am still unable to fully raise this support by myself. In addition to your prayer, I humbly ask you to consider a financial contribution that will allow YOU to be part of this work by sharing the Gospel and seeing lives transformed in Louisville, Kentucky.

We only have one life to make a difference, how will you make yours?

Thanks and God Bless,
Jessie Stachurski