I am raising money for my Internship in Non Profit Leadership in Louisville, KY in Summer 2018. Please consider helping me by donating!
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    Sarah Putman

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    Alpha Delta Chi

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    Teresa Robertson

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    Hi Caroline, I heard about your upcoming venture through your mom (aka, awesome co-worker). I am excited for all the wonderful ways young leaders like you will make a difference in our world in the years to come. Best of luck to you. --Terri

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    Bethany Meadows

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    May you have an amazing summer showing the world that God's love does make a difference. God bless!

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    Robin Steinberg

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    best wishes with this internship. Your a smart, intelligent young women and will be a fine leader.

About Caroline Putman

Hello! My name is Caroline, I am a from Birmingham, AL and I am a senior at the University of Alabama majoring in Political Science. I want to use this degree to work with non profit organizations, and I am excited to begin this journey with this internship in the summer of 2018.