Through my internship serving the homeless community, I'm making an impact on the lost and hurting world through the power of the Gospel.
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    Donald Holroyd

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    Bradley Weinstein

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    Hillary Bullock

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    Brian Grover

    $20.00 / 27 days ago

    Hey Cameron, keep on spreading the Gospel. So proud that you're doing God's work.

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    Jessica Dunlap

    $20.58 / 27 days ago

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    Ben Hopper

    $10.29 / 28 days ago

    Cameron and Koby are the best, and I’d love nothing more than to help their full team of interns cover their remaining costs!

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    Mackenzie Hord

    $15.44 / 28 days ago

    good luck cam!! i know you’re doing great things

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    Austen Barrett

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    Jenny Parkhurst

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    Dorrie Presson

    $200.00 / 28 days ago

    We're glad to make this donation in honor of our son, Cameron Presson, a LTN intern this summer, and in support of an outstanding organization like Love Thy Neighborhood

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    Hudson Nuckolls

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    Rashaan Jiles

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    Nicholas Renfroe

    $70.00 / 28 days ago

    Cameron has been one of my closest friends over the last years. I am glad to see Christ growing in him and working through him!

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    Judy Churchwell

    $30.00 / 32 days ago

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    Randy Johnson

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    Stan and Margie Tullos

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    Donald Holroyd

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    Kenzis King

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    Diana Fulcher

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    So proud of you! Praying for you!!

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    Dylan Tullos

    $200.00 / 95 days ago

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    Craig Barbee

    $100.00 / 110 days ago

    We Pray the Light of Jesus will shine thru you on every neighborhood and place you go so that the people you meet will know Jesus more because they have seen your life and have spoken with you. Have a great summer loving people. Craig & Dawn Barbee

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    Brentwood Baptist Church

    $1,350.00 / 112 days ago

    Brentwood Baptist Church is so glad to help send you out. We will be praying for you as you bear His Name faithfully and make Him known!

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    Michele Dyer

    $50.00 / 115 days ago

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    Gregory Miller Tullos

    $20.00 / 117 days ago

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    Linda Rogers

    $50.00 / 118 days ago

    What an important ministry and a wonderful opportunity, Cameron! We are happy to support your work at the Louisville Rescue Mission and will keep you in our prayers as well. Love, Linda and Arnie

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    Linda Rogers

    $50.00 / 118 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $26.75 / 123 days ago

    Cam, I cannot wait to hear how God grows you and about opportunities you get to seize this summer. Don’t be nervous, cause He has your back (Joshua 1:9).

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    Santiago Torres

    $10.00 / 124 days ago

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    Peter Schmidt

    $102.90 / 124 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $20.58 / 124 days ago

    I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to hear all about it!!!

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    Patsy Gardner

    $100.00 / 124 days ago

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    Suzanne McJunkin

    $50.00 / 125 days ago

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    Denise Wilder

    $50.00 / 126 days ago

    Praying for you as you minister this summer. May God give you His love for those you serve. Col.3:17

  • Avatar person


    $30.00 / 126 days ago

    Cam! SO excited for you and stoked to hear about all of the amazing ways God works in and through you this summer. Proud of you!

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    Leigh Ann Swords

    $51.45 / 128 days ago

    Excited for you! We will miss you this summer but know God is going to do big things in you and through you as you serve. :)

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    Aaron Dews

    $15.44 / 129 days ago

    Bro, Thanks for being a consistent genuine brother in the Lord. Go & make disciples in Jesus name!! Miss & love you.

  • 960ffac0745778a145dd8b1650706332? nophoto

    Kelby Bibler

    $20.58 / 129 days ago

    Proud of you brother. Can't wait to hear about all you do this summer. You are a wonderful servant leader.

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    Aaron Wilder

    $15.00 / 129 days ago

    Love ya, roomie

  • 00931360a50419e3be679b5027986ef3? nophoto

    Kate Tarr

    $100.00 / 129 days ago

    Excited to hear about how God uses you and the work of the Louisville Rescue Mission this summer Cameron! - The Tarrs

  • 3618b6ea34d1a929f87b90ab95418484? nophoto

    Jim Seefeldt

    $154.35 / 130 days ago

    Cam-we are so inspired by your passion to serve. We will be praying for you and the team as you become the hands and feet of God Jim and Lori Seefeldt

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    Judith Churchwell

    $100.00 / 131 days ago

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    Brandon Billings

    $20.00 / 131 days ago

    Cameron!!!! So excited for you and for your internship. Can't wait to share crazy stories about how the Lord worked in ways we could never imagine. I 100% wish I could give more but the college budget is real. Thanks for being a rad friend dude.

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    Randy Johnson

    $50.00 / 133 days ago

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    Cullen Ferguson

    $100.00 / 135 days ago

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    Donald Holroyd

    $50.00 / 135 days ago

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    Stan and Margie Tullos

    $102.90 / 140 days ago

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    Kenzis King

    $50.00 / 145 days ago

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    Cathy Cathey

    $102.90 / 145 days ago

    Good luck with this wonderful project. It's very important and worthwhile work!

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    Diana Amos

    $30.00 / 145 days ago

    Cameron, I am so proud of you and i will be praying for you and the team as you are used by the Lord in this wonderful mission! I know your parents have been filling your life with great things about God's love and He will help you share your personal experience with these folks!

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    Danielle Sampson

    $30.87 / 146 days ago

    So excited about how the Lord is using you!

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    Kirsty Van Dam

    $102.90 / 146 days ago

    Keep doing awesome things, Cameron!

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    Brooke Brown

    $25.00 / 146 days ago

    Proud of you!

About Cameron Presson

As a sophomore at Belmont University majoring in Religious Studies with a deep desire for Biblical social justice, I am thrilled to be working as an urban missionary in Louisville, Kentucky this summer through Love Thy Neighborhood.

To say that I am excited is an understatement as I've been given the opportunity to model the incarnational ministry of Jesus through my work in the Homelessness Track at the Louisville Rescue Mission. There I'll be working to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the homeless community, loving the marginalized that Christ calls us to. Jesus sought to dignify and elevate those that society often disregarded and made invisible; I'm eager to do the same.

Here's where you come in: As a Love Thy Neighborhood Team Member, my goal is to raise $2,700 for the year ($900/month) to cover the cost of living, eating, transportation, training, and newsletter supplies. 

I feel deeply called by God to this work, and in light of that, I'm humbly asking for help. Any financial support you can give is huge and incredibly appreciated, and you can donate by following the link on the right side of my page.

If you are unable to help financially, I would be forever grateful if you would commit to being a prayer partner for me, both during this season of fundraising and preparation as well as during the months of my ministry.

Thank you for helping carry my burdens. When you do so, you'll be allowing me to then carry the burdens of the homeless community this summer. Once again: thank you.