Through my internship with Media & Design, I'm making an impact on the lost and hurting world through the power of the Gospel.
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    Shari Swiger

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    We love you son, we believe in you and in your desire to serve the Lord by serving others. This is a step of faith for you. God has honored that faith and He will be with you to the end. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. We are praying daily for you and we will be praying for your whole team. We love you. Mum and Dad.

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    Shari Swiger

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    Tola Adeyoola

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    Sunil Das

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    Sherrie Oliver

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    Moji Aina

    $25.00 / 288 days ago

    Blessings on you Joel! May you continue to focus on Jesus, following Him and shining His light to others.

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    Cathy Stewart

    $100.00 / 291 days ago

    Dear Joel and team, I am so proud of you for working to lead people to Jesus Christ! May the Lord abundantly bless you all and keep you in His care. Love, Cathy

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    Abimbola Mustapha

    $102.90 / 291 days ago

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    Brian & Kim Hajas

    $102.90 / 292 days ago

    Joel, we wish you the best as you put your skills to use serving the Lord.

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    Shari Swiger

    $50.00 / 292 days ago

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    Angela Palmer

    $1,000.00 / 293 days ago

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    Sherri Archie

    $102.90 / 295 days ago

    I am excited for you in this mission. I am friends from Harvest with your parents and will be supporting you in prayer. May God multiply your efforts and bless you richly.

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    Rotimi Ogunyinka

    $102.90 / 297 days ago

    Hello Joe, I wish you the very best in your future endeavours. Keep well!

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    Deborah Abiola

    $77.18 / 299 days ago

    God bless you as you bless other young people. Nike Abiola

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    Carlo Onessi

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    Fran Wilson

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    Jeff Smith

    $51.45 / 302 days ago

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    Deborah Carson

    $51.45 / 302 days ago

    Dear Joel, May God continue to direct your path and bless you with wisdom, good health, protection and provisions.

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    Rose Onessi

    $102.90 / 303 days ago

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    $1,543.50 / 306 days ago

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    $100.00 / 312 days ago

    I am excited for Joel to be able to use his gifts, skills and education for God's glory! Blessings

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    Olusegun Odumade

    $205.80 / 314 days ago

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    $400.00 / 318 days ago

    From Grandma Ashabi Dunni May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you.

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    $100.00 / 320 days ago

    From Pat Akinyemi

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    Dorothy Ardill

    $529.42 / 320 days ago

    We will be praying for you in your next steps. We are very excited for you.

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    Larry Doig

    $105.88 / 321 days ago

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    Barbara Graham

    $102.90 / 322 days ago

    God bless you for being willing to go out and work for the Lord.

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    Shari Swiger

    $50.00 / 322 days ago

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    Abosede Ogunro

    $100.00 / 332 days ago

    We cant wait to see how God will use you on this journey. Dr and Mrs Ogunro

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    Ademuyiwa OGUNBASE

    $100.00 / 333 days ago

    God's speed

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    Milestones Pediatrics Acct

    $100.00 / 334 days ago

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    Angela Palmer

    $1,000.00 / 336 days ago

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    Anonymous Anonymous

    $350.00 / 336 days ago

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    Folake Ladipo

    $51.45 / 339 days ago

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    Shari Swiger

    $50.00 / 349 days ago

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    $150.00 / 350 days ago

    Excited for you Joel. May God direct each step of your way through this journey and will be praying for you and the team.

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    Hyon Kim

    $150.00 / 351 days ago

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    Taiwo Akpabio

    $130.00 / 362 days ago

    I pray that God will grant you knowledge, wisdom and understanding and use you in His own way to touch people's lives by bringing them closer to Him through the talents He has bestowed onto you.

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    Christabel Corazza

    $50.00 / 374 days ago

  • C9f445ad849ed2f63a115ac7a7501a49? nophoto

    Joshua and Joanna Bogunjoko

    $200.00 / 382 days ago

    We are excited about your choice to join this team Joel. We praise God for you and we look forward to how the Lord will use this opportunity in your life and use you in the life of others.

About Joel Bogunjoko

I grew up as a missionary kid with both of my parents as mission doctors. Moving to the US in elementary really opened my eyes to how little I understood about life. After distancing myself a bit from Christianity for a while, several emotional and psychological circumstances returned me to wanting to understand what following Christ was really like. Most recently, my relationship with God has become the most important thing in my life. 

After looking further into what Love Thy Neighborhood does as a whole, I realized that my goals in life coincide very closely with theirs. I not only want to see the lost saved, I also want to really connect with individuals where they are in order to help them find a path that will free them from the chains of life that currently afflict them.