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Raelicia Morris / 2021-2022 Year Team

My mission is to stay dedicated and focused on what God wants to do through this experience for me and for others.
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    Jenna Gonzalez

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    Thank you all for the work you are doing being God’s hands and feet in these dark places!

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    "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9 Keep up the good work for the Kingdom!

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    Thank you for all the ways that you are showing God's love to the people in your community!

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    God's blessings!!

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    Lisa and Larry Williams

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    Thank you Raelicia for your prayers and hope God continue to bless you on your journey

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    Lele , Hope it helps ❤️Auntie Trish

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    Mary Yarbough

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    I would like to thank Raelicia Morris for taking her time out to talk and pray for me. God Bless her and give the strength and support needed to continue her mission. Much needed

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    We are very proud of you and your contribution to society. We know that this is just a beginning of your life‘s work. We appreciate you and all you do to help others. We wish you and your projects the best success ever. Thanks 🙏🏾 Love you!!!

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    Amanda Huckstep

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    Proud of you, keep up the good work! Praying for you :)

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About LTN - Raelicia Morris

God granted me an opportunity to intern with Love Thy Neighborhood (LTN) located in Louisville, Kentucky. My position will be a Case Management Intern at Scarlet Hope! Some of my responsibilities will be sharing the gospel with women in the adult entertainment industry, discipling young women to know and have confidence in their identity in Christ, and helping women find alternative and gratifying lifestyles and careers. I am so looking forward to pouring into these ladies and building relationships that God has purposed. Before I enter this one-year program in the Fall, LTN asks that I self-support for my expenses during the program. Expenses such as room and board, personal development groups and events as well as home necessities. If in any way you feel led to support, I will gladly appreciate it. There is no donation too small and know any amount helps. Thank you so much for your partnership in me pursuing my God-given purpose.