Through my internship with Visual Arts, I'm making an impact on the lost and hurting world through the power of the Gospel
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    $3,807.30 / 11 days ago

    Go with god!

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    $61.74 / 15 days ago

    Keep up the good work!

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    Elizabeth Crosby

    $200.00 / 25 days ago

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    Kelsey Wismer

    $30.87 / 29 days ago

    Hi Visual Arts Buddy! Praying that you find joy in the simple things this week-I know I will through this beautiful print to remind me of lovely KY.

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    Erica Bell

    $18.01 / 38 days ago

    For your beautiful artwork. :-)

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    Erica Bell

    $25.72 / 53 days ago

    Sammi, I wish I could give more but I also know that every little bit counts. I am so excited for you (just now read your letter that was sitting in my Bergwall mailbox all of J-Term) and so excited to see the Lord using your incredible talent to influence communities in need. I love you and miss you! Can't wait to hopefully come visit you soon in Louisville. <3 Erica Bell

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    Gregory Copeland

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    Mallory Sanborn

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    Denise Gruender

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    Joseph Baker

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    Marcia Daniels

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    Rachel Pfeiffer

    $20.58 monthly / 73 days ago

    Valued At: $246.96

    So excited for this new adventure God has you on! Praying for your work and ministry in this year.

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    Beth Pfeiffer

    $102.90 / 73 days ago

    Hi Sami, Rachel shared your link with me! This sounds like an exciting opportunity for you! I will be praying for you throughout the year. Beth Pfeiffer

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    Alexandria Hanks

    $154.35 / 78 days ago

    So happy to be able to support you this way and incredibly proud of what you are comitting to with you life and time. All the best lovely lady!

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    Marley McCune

    $10.00 / 82 days ago

    I'm excited to serve alongside you this year (:

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    Madeline Butler

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    Kim Hapner

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    Renee Lawson

    $100.00 / 83 days ago

    Best of luck in this new adventure. Do amazing work!!

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    $30.87 / 84 days ago

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    Rachel German

    $35.00 / 84 days ago

    Terricited with you and so so looking forwarding to hearing about the adventures God has in store for you! Proud of you always. It's a privileged to be a part of this!

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    Keith Jones

    $250.00 / 85 days ago

    Sammi we are excited for you on your new adventure. We will be keeping you in our prayers!

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    Greta Buck

    $1,029.00 / 85 days ago

    Our prayers are with you for your upcoming year. What better way to bring the love and awe of Christ to people than through the beauty of art. May you feel the love and peace of Christ throughout the year.

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    Jonathan Bouw

    $246.96 / 85 days ago

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    William Lawson

    $500.00 / 85 days ago

    Do great things!!

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    Alison Butler

    $257.25 / 85 days ago

    We know you will do wonderful things:) Love, Aunt Ali, Uncle Bruce and your cousins

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    Kirsti Robertson

    $10.29 / 87 days ago

    Good luck Sammi! Love you always my very first friend in NC! :)

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    Karla Lowe

    $100.00 / 88 days ago

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    Tay Coan

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    Kristin Ranson

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    Donna Elyea

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    Barb Christie

    $20.00 monthly / 97 days ago

    Valued At: $240.00

    Wishing Sammi and her entire team much success during their year of service -- and far beyond!!

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    $123.48 / 101 days ago

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    Jacie Smeltzer

    $20.58 / 106 days ago

About Sammi Lawson

Not-so-southern-southerner excited to live and learn in Louisville

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Dear Friends and Family,

 It’s hard to believe I’m already two months into my time with LTN. Since my last update, I’ve seen a Puppet Opera (yes, you read that correctly), done quite a bit of yoga, made many successful meals, seen a couple of sunny days, polished up my children’s story with help from a good friend, and gotten much better at parallel parking (truly a necessity in Louisville). It has been fast paced, filled with many good things, but with heavy things as well. However, even with the heavy and hard, I’ve already seen how God is working those situations for good.

 As I mentioned before, I love Sojourn Arts. My bosses are Michael and Jordan (no, we haven’t played basketball together yet). Michael has been with Sojourn Arts for over ten years and was in the group that started Sojourn church in Louisville 20 years ago. He is quiet, funny, knowledgeable, and a father of two. Jordan had an internship with Sojourn Arts through LTN a couple of years ago and got hired on part-time after her 11 months were done. She still lives in Shelby Park with other LTN alumni. Michael is a master at fine-tuning ideas and Jordan is one of the best listeners I’ve ever met (She is going to make a great Art therapist). Both of them have been invaluable resources for me. I’m honored to work alongside them.

 Even though I’m just an intern at Sojourn Arts, I feel like a valued, contributing member of a team. I’ve gotten to make frames, attend meetings, write gallery synopsis, and draw the picture above for our website ( ). We recently held a reception for an art therapist in our neighborhood and are now in the process of collecting artwork for our biblical illustration show (it’s next and I’m so pumped!). I consider myself a natural encourager, so being in a position where it’s literally my job to encourage and support artists seems to be a great fit.

 Last time I mentioned my surprise at getting so many heartfelt moments with our neighbors so early on. This past month grew in activity, so time with neighbors has more difficult to pin down. Most of it has to do with the fact that our neighborhood is a “porch culture”. Understandably, no one wants to sit on their porch all Saturday afternoon when it’s 20 degrees.  Through this, we are learning to stretch our “intentional” muscles by being out in the community and reaching out to our neighbors despite the unwelcoming cold. I’m encouraged by the few sunny days I’ve seen and am anxiously awaiting springtime to get to know more of our neighbors. Quality relationships take time, processes matter more than “results”, but I find myself impatient with the natural course of things.

 My roommates and I have started volunteering with our church’s learning club for kids in our neighborhood as tutors (luckily they provide the lesson plans for us, my math skills are lacking). We play games, spend quality time with the kids, and help them grow in the areas they need to academically and behaviorally (it is not uncommon for fights to break out). I get to play with play-dough and stay hip.

 I also got to participate is our church’s bi-yearly, free medical and dental clinic for our neighborhood. Sojourn’s sanctuary functions as a clinic for a day while dentists, doctors, nurses, and laymen come and offer their assistance. While the dentists and doctors do their jobs, laypeople serve lunch and “advocate” for their client. Being an “advocate” is a fancy term for the laypeople who get paired up with someone and guide them through the clinic and provide a friendly face. I got paired up with Antonio (named changed to protect privacy), a 61 year old man from Puerto Rico who’s a handy man at a day care. Antonio was hard to connect with at first. I got the feeling he didn’t want me around. He stopped to talk with almost every doctor and nurse telling them to “take a break” and they’ve been “working too long” and to “go get lunch”. He pulled out chairs for me and everyone else at lunch. He had a unique sense of humor and was confusing to me and others at times. However, by the end of the day, he enthusiastically introduced me to other people in the clinic as his ‘best friend’ because ‘she take care of me’. This was reassuring to hear after a long, confusing day. It was a blessing to pray with him and hear how the Lord is taking care of him.

 With my time so far at LTN, I’m learning more of what it means to rest in my identity as God’s child. Being the A+, principles list, student-athlete I was growing up, it was easy to adopt the “prove my worth” mindset in my spiritual life. However, the gospel annihilates my perfectionism and performance-based living. As my understanding of the depths of my brokenness grows, so does my understanding of the depths of the Father’s love. I am slowly transitioning out of the lie “I am God’s employee” into the truth “I am God’s beloved”. There’s nothing I can do to make him love me more or less.

 Thanks again for your support (and for reading until the end! There’s a special place in heaven for folks like you J ). Please pray against the darkness in Shelby park, for our team to humbly partake in what the Lord is already doing here, for boldness in sharing the gospel, and for unity among the Church in Louisville. I also have an opportunity to start a soccer team here in the neighborhood and to show my artwork in a gallery around the corner! The best is yet to come

Much love,


I am “selling” prints of selected pieces I have made in recent years. Donations at  $10 will receive a 5”x7” print, $20 will recieve a 6”x9” print, and donations at or over $30 will receive a print of one of my larger pieces (or 3 smaller prints) of your choice. Lastly, monthly supporters of any amount will receive postcards of my sketches/current work plus a print of choice in line with the qualifications listed above. I am glad to share the work I create while you partner with me to further what the Lord longs to create. 

Download the catalogue and follow the steps below:

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