Through my internship with Visual Arts, I'm making an impact on the lost and hurting world through the power of the Gospel
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    Rachel Pfeiffer

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    So excited for this new adventure God has you on! Praying for your work and ministry in this year.

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    Beth Pfeiffer

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    Hi Sami, Rachel shared your link with me! This sounds like an exciting opportunity for you! I will be praying for you throughout the year. Beth Pfeiffer

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    Alexandria Hanks

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    So happy to be able to support you this way and incredibly proud of what you are comitting to with you life and time. All the best lovely lady!

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    Marley McCune

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    I'm excited to serve alongside you this year (:

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    Best of luck in this new adventure. Do amazing work!!

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    Terricited with you and so so looking forwarding to hearing about the adventures God has in store for you! Proud of you always. It's a privileged to be a part of this!

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    We know you will do wonderful things:) Love, Aunt Ali, Uncle Bruce and your cousins

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    William Lawson

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    Do great things!!

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    Sammi we are excited for you on your new adventure. We will be keeping you in our prayers!

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    Greta Buck

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    Our prayers are with you for your upcoming year. What better way to bring the love and awe of Christ to people than through the beauty of art. May you feel the love and peace of Christ throughout the year.

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    Kirsti Robertson

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    Good luck Sammi! Love you always my very first friend in NC! :)

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    Wishing Sammi and her entire team much success during their year of service -- and far beyond!!

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About Sammi Lawson

Not-so-southern-southerner excited to live and learn in Louisville

to purchase art, Click me!

I am excited to tell you about my plans for this upcoming year: I have accepted an internship with Love Thy Neighborhood (LTN) as a Visual Arts assistant with Sojourn Church in Louisville, Kentucky! Love Thy Neighborhood is a ministry that recruits young adults like me to work with their non-profit partners in order to serve the poor and hurting in urban Kentucky. I will be living and working with other people age 18-30 committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed with our neighbors.

 LTN pairs each Team Member with an existing partner ministry to serve. I will be serving with a ministry that strengthens the church and community through visual arts. Based out of a healthy, gospel-focused local church, this ministry does projects such as neighborhood murals, kids art programs, beautification projects, art for the church itself, and gives trauma victims a way to process their experiences through creative expression (AKA Art Therapy). I also will be making my own work and have the opportunity to have my own show at the end of the 11 months (January-November 2019).

As a Love Thy Neighborhood Team Member, my goal is to raise $9,900 to cover the cost of housing, groceries, transportation, training, curriculum, etc. To put into perspective, I need 46 people to commit to $20 a month, or 23 at $20 a month plus two one time donations of $250, (however you want to split it-possibilities are endless). Donations can be made one time or monthly and both get a tax deduction. I am excited to see how the Lord will provide through the generosity of people like you!

In addition, I will be “selling” prints of selected pieces I have made in recent years. Donations at  $10 will receive a 5”x7” print, $20 will recieve a 6”x9” print, and donations at or over $30 will receive a print of one of my larger pieces (or 3 smaller prints) of your choice. Lastly, monthly supporters of any amount will receive postcards of my sketches/current work plus a print of choice in line with the qualifications listed above. I am glad to share the work I create while you partner with me to further what the Lord longs to create. 

Download the catalogue and follow the steps below:

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