Through my internship with Nonprofit Leadership, I'm making an impact on the lost and hurting world through the power of the Gospel.
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    Timothy Coman

    $30.00 / Yesterday

    Marley, its an honor to support you in your calling... Keep going young lady!!!!!

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    Rebecca Bowden

    $25.72 monthly / Yesterday

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    Kimberley Todd

    $25.72 monthly / 16 days ago

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    Good Luck Marley, I hope the 11 month trip brings you the experience you desire to start your own non-profit, one day. I also hope our monthly commitment can help keep you fed in the body and the word :) All our love and support, The Todd's

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    Mary Taylor

    $41.16 / 23 days ago

    It's so encouraging to see your heart for the glory of God to be made known! I love you and can't wait to hear about your time in Louisville :)

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    Timothy Coman

    $25.00 / 26 days ago

    I have known Marley for several years now as I served as her former youth pastor. She is a remarkable young woman and I feel honored to support her work and ministry. Grace and Peace, Tim Coman

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    $514.50 / 27 days ago

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    Linda Holt

    $102.90 / 27 days ago

    Marley, So proud of you for serving our Lord. Love you, Linda Holt ( Paul's Mom)

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    $180.00 / 37 days ago

    T-shirt sales

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    Drew and misty Robinson

    $250.00 / 39 days ago

    So proud of you for following God's calling for your life. We love you!!

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    Angela Hopkins

    $20.00 / 39 days ago

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    Judy Workman

    $51.45 / 39 days ago

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    James Crafton

    $75.00 / 43 days ago

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    Nona Fox

    $500.00 / 43 days ago

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    Laurie Radke

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    Nichole Burden

    $15.00 / 43 days ago

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    Emily Whitman

    $232.04 / 47 days ago

    I'm so proud of you and excited for you! Your heart for missions has always been uplifting and I look forward to see where God leads you both during this trip and for whatever comes next.

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    Carrie Whitman

    $50.00 / 47 days ago

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    Rebecca Barwikowski

    $154.35 / 56 days ago

    We look forward to watching your journey!

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    Ronnie Mccune

    $25.00 / 59 days ago

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    Hannah VanHousen

    $41.16 / 66 days ago

    So proud of you and the work you’re doing! I am so honored to play a small role in supporting this opportunity for you! I will also be praying for you every step of the way.

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    Kathryn F. Davis

    $25.72 monthly / 71 days ago

    Valued At: $308.64

    Hi Marley and team, I know you love the Lord and are standing on His word for the decision you have made and the faith it takes to get started! Remember that "the steps of a righteous man/woman are ordered of the Lord" and He also says that the feet of those that spread the gospel are beautiful! Not only do you have beautiful feet, you have a beautiful spirit. I want to support you in this first step....I love you! Mrs. Kathy, your sister in the Lord at Bellaire Baptist in Bossier City!

About Marley McCune

I am currently working as a speech therapy assistant. I love the field of speech pathology, but I know I need to pursue nonprofit training. The past three years, I have continued to mull over a nonprofit idea I’ve had that will not leave my mind. I desire to start up a volleyball ministry that cultivates community and keeps Christ at the center of all it does. I see this internship with Love Thy Neighborhood as one of my first steps towards pursuing the development of my future nonprofit ministry. During my time with LTN, I will be living with christian community in Louisville, KY while working alongside an innovative nonprofit. I am deciding to step out and see what happens. Please step out with me on this journey!