Sydney's Year with LTN

Sydney Wright / 2019 - 2020 Year Team

My experience serving with LTN has been extremely humbling so far. Every day I am reminded that it is God who is doing the work within and through me. He has continually opened doors for me to help, listen to, and pray for people carrying heavy burdens. I have been especially blessed to work at my service site, Re:Center Ministries, where I assist women and men experiencing homelessness and share the love of Christ with them. 
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    Nicholas Gallegos

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    Proud of you Sydney! Miss you, LTN, and Lousiville!

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    Happy Birthday, Sydney! You're the best :) <3

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    Samuel Honaker

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    You’re doing amazing work Sydney! When I met you, I was instantly inspired and comforted by your kind spirit. The Spirit has put you on my heart, I pray this helps! :)

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    Sydney Wright

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    From McCamey McKinley

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    Kailyn Andrews

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    So glad to read about the work you are doing. Praying you continue to grow in your faith and reliance on Christ this year. And keep shining that bright light to all you meet!

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    Timothy Dillman

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    Sydney, I'm certain working with the homeless with give you a perspective for the rest of you life that will enable God's glory to shine through you and use you in ways only He could imagine. Your are exactly right, all we are called to do is show up and our Lord will do the rest. Peace, Tim

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    First United Methodist Church

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    Keep being you, girl! I know you’ve impacted my life so much, I’m excited to see how you will impact others as well! ❤️

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    Leah Wright

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    I'm so excited to hear of the stories of hope and encouragement that will come from Sydney's year with LTN. May God continue to work through and within this ministry for His glory.

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    Connie Wright

    $400.00 / 312 days ago

    Sydney, Dad and I are both so proud of you and the wonderful, compassionate Christian you are. We are excited for your journey over the next year! God does amazing things through amazing people like you!

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    Desmond OSullivan

    $15.44 / 313 days ago

    God bless you, Sidney. I'm praying for you.

About Sydney's Year with LTN

      I spent a wonderful summer with LTN, learning what it looks like to serve Jesus by loving my neighbor. I also served with Re:Center Ministries by assisting homeless women in the Drop-In Program. I was in awe of how I saw God working in the lives of the people I served, my teammates, and my own life. After weeks of praying about my next step, I felt like God was calling me to continue on with the year-long program. I feel like God is not done using me at Re:Center and in Louisville. 
UPDATE: 12/3/19
      So far I have completed the first few months of my internship, and I have seen God work in amazing ways. He has shown me the power of being present to the people and opportunities around me. His presence within me gives the courage to wake up every day and live into His call. He has called me to be present with my roommates, coworkers, neighbors, and the men and women I serve at Re:Center. 
      I am learning that when I simply show up God does the rest of the work. I often get the chance to pray with the women I work with. I also get to sit with them, hear their stories, and do activities with them. God uses these things to show them how loved they are by Him. Let me repeat that: GOD does the work. All I do is show up. This has been a humbling and freeing thing to learn. It takes the pressure of me and puts the glory on God.
UPDATE: 3/24/2020
       *Please be praying for Re:Center and other homeless shelters during the pandemic. They want to stay open to help the people they serve, but they also want everyone to be safe. Pray for the leadership as they navigate these hard situations.*
     *  That the devotional time at Re:Center would continue to be fruitful and give the           women hope.
     *  For the leadership at Re:Center as they navigate tough decisions.
     *  All the neighbors we have gotten close to.
     *  My anxiety
     *  Growth in my relationships with my teammates.
     *  That I would have confidence in the Lord and in myself.
     *   Everyone affected by COVID-19.