Through my internship with Multicultural Church Ministry, I'm making an impact on the lost and hurting world through the Power of the Gospel.
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    what do you mean we don't look like cows? Miss you and glad we got to catch up a bit earlier. <3. Sending my love through money! LOL JK but for real, I appreciate you bud. You got a big spirit. ok I'm done now.

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    Dios te bendiga. : )

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    I am happy to donate to a great cause. Thank you for all that you are doing Melissa.

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    I am really proud of you. Keep sending letters to me. Please keep sending letters to me.

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About Melissa Moreira

Hi there! 

My name is Melissa Moreira. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, CA but moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area when I was in high school. I graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Education. I taught middle school Spanish for a year in Texas. The summer after my first year of teaching, I chose to do the summer internship with Love Thy Neighborhood in Louisville, KY. I served as an intern at a local pregnancy center. Moved by the way the Lord was working in the lives of the women at the pregnancy center, the lives of those attending the local church, my fellow interns, and myself, I felt God calling me to stay and do the year-long internship. Through divine intervention, I will continue the relationships I made over the summer while serving as the Community Life intern for Sojourn Midtown in Shelby Park. Please join me as we witness the Lord's powerful hand working in the community of Louisville!

October Newsletter

(adapted from the monthly newsletters I email and mail out) 

     I’m not going to lie, this past month has been rough. The transition into life in Louisville has been a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. I am also realizing how much I miss my family, both in Texas and California. Though it has been hard, it has been incredible to see God’s love and kindness in the small things. For example, last week, I really wanted Chick-Fil-A. I didn’t actually tell anyone this out loud, but it was an internal desire I had. Then, the very next day, I randomly got free Chick-Fil-A! God is good, y’all. God. Is. Good. 
     One of the cool things about working at the church I attend/serve on Sundays is that I get to experience the church from the perspective of an attendee and of a “staff person.” The past few weeks, we have been going over Sojourn’s new vision for the next few years of “filling up our city with gritty disciple makers.” 
     One of the cool things about working at the church I attend/serve on Sundays is that I get to experience the church from the perspective of an attendee and of a “staff person.” The past few weeks, we have been going over Sojourn’s new vision for the next few years of “filling up our city with gritty disciple makers.” 
Every Sunday, I serve at Sojourn on the Connect Ministry, the hospitality team for the church. I jump around and do different tasks such as hand out bulletins, collect offering, help replenish the water station, answer questions at the welcome desk, and take out the trash. In the middle of the service time, we all gather and split into small groups to pray for each other and our needs, the people that are currently in the service, the church, the overall community of Shelby Park, and the global Church. 
     As part of this Ministry, we have Connect cards. These can be filled out by first time visitors, returning visitors, regular attenders, or members who want to be contacted about getting connected to community at Sojourn, are going through a life struggle or want people to be praying for a specific request. For the past few weeks, I have been working with the Director of Connect and Follow-Up to follow up with the people who fill out Connect cards. I send out individual emails to people with the information they request. Then, the following week, I follow up and send a text message to see if they have any additional questions. 
     A few weeks ago, we received a card from a woman wanting information on community groups and how to become a member. She also asked us to pray for someone who was on a respirator, saying that he may not be on this earth for much longer. As a staff, we prayed for her and her friend. However, in following up with her, I also let her know that we were praying for her friend. She shared with me that receiving this message filled her heart with hope. 
     Every Thursday, I attend Community Group. Community Group is a gathering of 10-15 people (from both in and out of the church) that gather to learn about God, pray, eat, laugh (we do a lot of this) and to live in community. It is so beautiful to have the blessing to gather with my fellow Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters who represent El Salvador (my family’s country), Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Ecuador. We gather to have discussions on the previous Sunday’s sermon. We also do separate guy/girl time in which we separate to go more in depth on what we are struggling with. At one of our gatherings, we also celebrated three birthdays! 
     One of my favorite outreach days so far was when my roommate and I went out in to the neighborhood to do a prayer walk. There was a new food hall opening and we wanted to check it out to see what the hype was about. One the way there, we veered from our path by going to a butterfly farm that was across the street from the market. When we finally got to the market, we met one of our neighbors who sells handmade soaps. She told me that she had recently divorced her husband and moved to the Shelby Park neighborhood from Southern Indiana for a fresh start. We also met a woman who works as a wellness coordinator for one of the local hospitals. She shared with us that her passion is to promote healthy lifestyles for youth in the inner city. Lastly, we met a Venezuelan woman and her family who were running a Latino fusion restaurant. I bought an arepa from the restaurant and in a kind gesture, the owner also gave me some chicken soup. (It made me really miss my mom’s cooking, but also made me thankful for people who show us love even when we are far from home). On our way home, we prayed over all the people we encountered and their businesses. 

Prayer Requests
• For my neighbor who recently moved to the neighborhood and is selling her soaps at the market to come to know the Lord and to have success in her business endeavors
• For me (for my immune system as I get accustomed to the weather in the Midwest, for patience as I get through the transition period, and for guidance as I build relationships with my neighbors) 
• For the Lord to help build up gritty disciple makers at Sojourn

     I am thankful to report that I am now 15% funded! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me by praying for me, giving me words of encouragement, and giving sacrificially. I still have a ways to go, but I am confident that the Lord will provide through generous donors like you! I would like to invite you to prayerfully consider giving a one-time donation or a small and easy monthly gift to continually support my ministry with Love Thy Neighborhood. 

Thank you for reading! 

-Melissa Moreira :) 

September Newsletter 
(adapted from the monthly newsletters I email and mail out) 

     First of all, if you are receiving this letter, I just want to tell you thank you. This means that, in some capacity, you have supported me or given me words of encouragement and I appreciate you. As some of you may know, this summer, I served as an urban missionary with Love Thy Neighborhood, a ministry that recruits people like me to work together to serve and love people who are hurting in the inner-city. For two and a half months, I lived and served with other Christian young adults in Louisville.
     This summer was transformative for me in many ways: I grew closer to God, made life-long friendships, experienced community like never before, and learned what it truly looks like to live out the gospel on a daily basis. While I was here, I felt the Lord calling me to come back and return for the year-long program. After a lot of resistance, I took a week to pray and fast over this decision. At the end, the Lord told me to surrender to Him. It was not an easy decision to leave my family, friends, job, car, and everything that was familiar to me, but I knew I had to be obedient to God. 
     So, here I am, back in Louisville, ready for what lies ahead in this next year! I will be living and serving in the Shelby Park neighborhood, a vibrant community in Louisville. I will be the Community Life intern for Sojourn Midtown (the church we serve at and attend on Sundays), a congregation that mirrors LTN’s mission of impacting our neighbors’ lives with the love and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I will also be attending the community group for Spanish speakers and will be translating documents for Sojourn Latino, the Spanish ministry at the church.
     In addition to the 30 hours per week I am at my service site, I also spend 15 hours a week building relationships with my neighbors and then another 15 hours a week on personal spiritual growth. This internship will strengthen my faith in Christ while also growing my life skills and relational maturity. It will be a challenging year, but I look forward to sharing with you all the lessons I learn along the way!
     I hope that you are as excited as I am to be a part of what God is doing at Sojourn and the Shelby Park neighborhood! As a LTN Team Member, I am responsible for raising $9,900 to cover my expenses. This goes toward rent, our monthly stipend, groceries, transportation, newsletter supplies, curriculum, and administrative expenses. So far, I have been able to meet 5% of this goal. I want to invite you to join me in this mission by financially supporting me. I can’t do this without you. I know the Lord has called me to LTN and I need your help. Anything you can commit will bring me closer to that goal and make my mission possible. Regardless of your financial involvement, I also ask that you help lift my fellow interns, their ministries, and myself up in prayer as we work to do what the Lord has called us to do. 


Melissa Moreira :)