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    Telijah Fitch

    $10.29 / 5 days ago

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    Nick Elias

    $20.58 / 66 days ago

    I was going to invest in some diatomaceous earth but I figured it's put to better use this way! :)

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    Anna Loveless

    $40.00 / 74 days ago

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    $25.72 / 113 days ago

    Merry Christmas from JJ

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    Andrew Justice

    $102.90 / 119 days ago

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    $51.45 / 119 days ago

    Love you and what you do. God has big plans for you!

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    Angela Loveless

    $51.45 / 139 days ago

    So impressed with the work that you are doing to show love for our neighbor. Blessings to you and your team.

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    Mary McKenna

    $102.90 / 169 days ago

    Dave and I wish you all the best on your journey and hope you find your time in this ministry rewarding.

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    $10.29 monthly / 183 days ago

    Valued At: $123.48

    Sophia, thank you so much for being your wonderful self!

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    Sarah Long

    $10.00 monthly / 184 days ago

    Valued At: $120.00

    Thank YOU, Sophia, for encouraging and inspiring so many with your faithfulness to the Lord. Love you lots and praying!

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    Sarah Long

    $10.00 / 185 days ago

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    Rebecca Wininger

    $300.00 / 187 days ago

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    Bonnie LaGrange

    $10.29 monthly / 197 days ago

    Valued At: $123.48

    Sophia! I can’t wait to see all the awesome things the Lord does through you in Louisville! You are so servant-hearted and generous with your love, time, and gifts. I know you will be such a blessing to your team and everyone you meet! Praying for you lots!

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    Brad and Melissa Reinhard

    $308.70 / 201 days ago

    We are so excited to see what God has I’m store for you this year Sophia!

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    Anna Loveless

    $102.90 / 202 days ago

    Sophia, thank you for the immeasurable impact you have had on my life, I know the Lord will use you in the lives of the people in Louisville in amazing ways!

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    Marissa Maiorca

    $50.00 monthly / 203 days ago

    Valued At: $600.00

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    Laura Beth O'Nan

    $30.00 monthly / 207 days ago

    Valued At: $360.00

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    Megan Wolf

    $100.00 monthly / 211 days ago

    Valued At: $1,200.00

    Love you. Believe in you like crazy. We know you will do great things wherever you are and whoever you’re with.

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    Emily Schmucker

    $10.00 monthly / 211 days ago

    Valued At: $120.00

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    Carol Lu

    $51.45 monthly / 212 days ago

    Valued At: $617.40

    Dear Sophia, I give thanks to the Lord for your willingness to serve Him!

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    Sarah Longo

    $25.00 / 222 days ago

    So excited to see how God uses you in this new way! Can't wait to hear about it :)

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    Lexi Moncrief

    $200.00 / 242 days ago

    dear sophia, i am so excited for you and all of the upcoming life-changing people and moments that are ahead of you! can't wait to hear about it all and to come visit :) xo! lexi

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    Karen Veneziano

    $100.00 monthly / 244 days ago

    Valued At: $1,200.00

    Sophia, I am so excited to see where you are lead. You are my spiritual warrior!!!!

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    Sophia Veneziano

    $10.29 monthly / 244 days ago

    Valued At: $123.48