Through my internship with Nonprofit Leadership, Im making an
impact on the lost and hurting world
through the power of the Gospel.
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    Cara Avallone

    $100.00 / 22 days ago

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    Mary Lagerborg

    $50.00 / 22 days ago

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    Madeline Mitchell

    $100.00 / 31 days ago

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    Elizabeh Irvine

    $10.00 monthly / 39 days ago

    Valued At: $120.00

  • 54198b8d4b78e1131d5162440d9ecf66? nophoto

    Elizabeh Irvine

    $10.00 / 39 days ago

    I'm excited for the work you're doing Holly, I can't wait to hear about how this year goes for you! <3

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    James Ahrens

    $1,200.00 / 47 days ago

  • 4acbc9e110703385b9da0c42d877bca4? nophoto

    Sonia Weston

    $500.00 / 53 days ago

    We’ll be praying for wisdom and discernment as you share His love!

  • 32987a972769a69e7ff71a30282336d8? nophoto

    Sarah Potter

    $51.45 / 57 days ago

    Blessings on your work with this ministry! WIth love - The Potters

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    Catherine Bergstrom

    $1,000.00 / 59 days ago

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    Kate Hochbrueckner

    $20.00 / 59 days ago

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    Jill Yamada

    $100.00 / 59 days ago

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    KerstinRyan Anderson

    $50.00 / 70 days ago

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    Jeffrey Goers

    $50.00 monthly / 79 days ago

    Valued At: $600.00

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    James Becker

    $500.00 / 79 days ago

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    Paul Dolan

    $100.00 / 136 days ago

  • 7de5197b6c980f4106c8808781d398d1? nophoto

    Heather Montague

    $400.00 / 176 days ago

    Our family will pray for you and Love Thy Neighborhood. We hope that through this internship you will glorify God. May God bless you and keep you safe throughout the year! - Heather & Timothy

  • 9af93c3724b47d025e6d905403bd1097? nophoto

    Eva Markiewicz

    $771.75 / 180 days ago

    Holly, love what you are doing, keep up the great work!

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    Charles Dunn

    $1,100.00 / 185 days ago

  • D41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e? nophoto

    Mary Mattivi

    $100.00 / 189 days ago

  • 531cf2c3ae37162ba736fc8d10308d25? nophoto

    Glynis Gallivan

    $50.00 / 193 days ago

    Holly, this internship sounds perfect for you.

  • 5942742bb71cc27a2c8249021b2c05b1? nophoto

    James Ahrens

    $40.00 monthly / 193 days ago

    Valued At: $480.00

    Can't wait to see how you grow through your internship.

  • 072387be80b3239b97bf7d9fbd18acb1? nophoto

    Melody Steinert

    $600.00 / 197 days ago

    Holly, we are very excited about your internship and pray God's blessings on you! We look forward to hearing how God will use you and your team!

  • D64d5393ed512019239295da3d1fc915? nophoto

    Kimberly Ahrens

    $500.00 / 206 days ago

    Holly, We are so proud of you and the impact you will make on the world for Jesus. Love you, Aunt Kim and Uncle Miles

  • 35290eb9db999d01add4e3f98d43f9b7? nophoto

    Melissa Miller

    $600.00 / 232 days ago

    Holly, You know how much we love you and love your mission to help those who are most vulnerable. God has given you so many blessings and we know you will turn them into gold. We know because we have seen you routinely turn lemons into lemonade. You are always the "glass is half-full" girl. Always optimistic. You will bring that to those who need it most. God bless you and we hope it isn't summer of 2019 before we see you! Love, the Millers.

  • 59a5c56ab86b7bbc7b6335244bd86e93? nophoto

    Holly Ahrens

    $10.00 / 252 days ago

About Holly

Holly Ahrens is an (almost) graduate of Grove City College, and loves English Literature. She is a horrible speller with a passion for serving people. She is from Colorado and enjoys hiking because of the way that the mountains reveal God's glory.