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    Wesley Daubert

    $200.00 / 12 days ago

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    Jennifer Towner

    $25.72 biweekly / 15 days ago

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    Carrie, Praying for you in this important ministry in our community. May God richly bless you and those you are serving! Marty and Jennifer Towner

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    $100.00 / 19 days ago

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    Taylor Bonello

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    Benjamin Bazyler

    $100.00 / 22 days ago

    "Sweeet Caroliiine (bom bom bom), good times never seemed so good!" Sorry, I needed to get that out of my head first. With that out of the way... Carrie, I know that it will be difficult to remain joyful since you will be constantly surrounded by others that are in pain, but don't lose heart! I will be praying that your trust, joy, peace, and hope in the Lord is evident to all who come in contact with you. From years of experience, your joy really is contagious! I will also be praying for your dependence on the Lord and on others in this time. It can be tempting to try to muscle through these times on your own and burn out quickly. The Lord did not design us to be self-sufficient. He gave each of us different gifts in order to help each other where/when we are weak. I am looking forward to hearing about how God uses you and your team to reach the lost around you and how He impacts you as well in this process. Your friend, Ben "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you" 1 Peter 5:7 "In the same way, let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven." (Matthew 5:16)

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    Linda Spence

    $205.80 / 33 days ago

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    Luke Bentley

    $10.29 weekly / 37 days ago

    Valued At: $535.08

    Love you Carrie! You keep doing you!

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    Odette Smith

    $100.00 / 38 days ago

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    $250.00 / 49 days ago

    Praying for you this year and excited to hear all about it!

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    Hannah Hepner

    $10.00 monthly / 51 days ago

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    Luke Bentley

    $20.58 / 51 days ago

    I'm going to send 10 dollars every week from here out

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    Christine Kingsley

    $205.80 / 53 days ago

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    Peyton Skur

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    Jessica Encinias

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    Laura Watt

    $102.90 / 57 days ago

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    Stephen Amason

    $20.58 / 60 days ago

    What they are trying to do here is something bigger and better than themselves and truly seek to make the world a better place for everyone.

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    $50.00 / 60 days ago

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    Michael Lee

    $50.00 / 60 days ago

    Carrie, We're thankful that God allowed our paths to cross this summer and are confident the Lord will work through you in this new ministry adventure! Mike and Allison Lee (and sons)

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    Bryan Zhang

    $50.00 / 61 days ago

    Hope everything goes well Carrie!

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    Maria Vidal

    $50.00 / 64 days ago

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    Wesley Daubert

    $200.00 / 65 days ago

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    Maylinda Detweiler

    $200.00 / 65 days ago

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    $1,029.00 / 70 days ago

    Carrie, we are so proud of you and what you are doing and are grateful to parnter with you. Blessings, Ted & Kim

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    Hasan Awan

    $1.00 / 73 days ago

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    Matthew Dishman

    $102.90 / 96 days ago

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    Melanie Audet

    $30.87 / 108 days ago

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    Abigail Latsa

    $40.00 / 117 days ago

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    Martha Wirgau

    $50.00 / 129 days ago

    We are so proud of you and excited for your new adventure after college. Dave and Martha Wirgau

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    Donna Muccio

    $200.00 / 132 days ago

About Carrie Hardaway

Hi there! 
I'm so incredibly thankful that you have decided to partner with me to help women in Louisville. 
This cause has been something that has been on my heart since eighth grade and I am beyond excited to see where God leads me this next year.