Through my internship serving the homeless community, I'm making an impact on the lost and hurting world through the power of the Gospel. 
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    $123.48 / 11 days ago

    Maddie, what and amazing experience and opportunity to learn to live a true life on mission. This is going to be SUCH A GREAT YEAR! Soak it up. I know you already are, as you are getting ready to leave. We are praying for you! God has created you so uniquely with such love, passion, maturity, joy... and much more... and he is continuing that work! Excited for the lives he will impact through you and the things you will grow in and learn! Seth and I are a little jelly... we would love to go do this year with you haha! Love ya!

  • 11aeeb344f073203c801b84ee367a0d2? nophoto

    Stephanie Weyenberg

    $514.50 / 14 days ago

    Our family is excited for how God is going to work through you this year and will be praying for you as you minister to the people of Louisville.

  • 4edfb7a4042e48abb0002cc10b1ec087? nophoto

    Rich Diesto

    $20.00 monthly / 15 days ago

    Valued At: $240.00

  • D41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e? nophoto

    Margaret Weatherholtz

    $100.00 / 23 days ago

  • D41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e? nophoto

    Hailey Sherley

    $400.00 / 23 days ago

  • 87000e68f942c437fefa68e68c9a7a3b? nophoto

    Crystal Parrish

    $102.90 / 26 days ago

    Madi, I so proud of you and can't wait to see/hear about all the adventures and what God is doing in your life in Kentucky. I will be praying for you and your team. God Bless! Crystal

  • 2ea6ff80cfb3fa6bb65c62479b30f16d? nophoto

    Chrissy Smith

    $102.90 / 29 days ago

    Brock and our family will be praying for you sweet Maddi! May God bless you as you serve Him by loving others and caring for those in need.

  • 52017c31eae7b152e6d638692d7db0ee? nophoto

    Jonathan Medina

    $20.58 monthly / 29 days ago

    Valued At: $246.96

    We are praying for you as you enter into this season of ministering. We pray for deep growth in the Father and experience His love in a way you never have before! So proud of you!

  • Cd81880b03c6d4ab8f2ec410aaccb9af? nophoto

    Sarah Freeman

    $15.00 monthly / 31 days ago

    Valued At: $180.00

    Proud of your work here! We will be praying for you!

  • 604a2d35e616382f09f6690cc384c511? nophoto

    Linda Wylie

    $205.80 / 37 days ago

  • D41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e? nophoto

    Leslie Pearsey

    $1,000.00 / 38 days ago

  • A9ef19939d4600df908b65cbe81f6fa1? nophoto

    Brad Newburg

    $100.00 / 39 days ago

    Madison - It was great meeting you in Bakersfield when you came out with your family I pray blessings over your journey as you continue to answer the calling that God has put on your heart God-bless you!

  • Db3ca07869e3a070c182173c2439eadc? nophoto

    Larry McGuire

    $200.00 / 39 days ago

    Aunt Rosie and I are praying that this will be a life-changing experience both for you and the people whose lives you will touch. "Be strong and courageous. Uncle Larry

  • F49170f5f50e061a1f589043bd769a40? nophoto

    Marie Kocurek

    $205.80 / 41 days ago

  • Standard smile

    Jen Flack

    $100.00 / 42 days ago

    Hey Madison! I am excited to meet you in-person and minster alongside you with Love Thy Neighborhood! I'm praying for your fundraising and for your heart, mind, and life preparations as you transition to Louisville soon. May God bless you to do his good will and strengthen you with his wisdom and grace more each day! Peace!

  • 555270a56a3f3fa165c6760180d7a1b7? nophoto

    Nestor Elorreaga

    $20.58 monthly / 42 days ago

    Valued At: $246.96

  • Cea694a160610467c91e337b0d86898d? nophoto

    Jason and Jennifer Friesenborg

    $20.58 monthly / 44 days ago

    Valued At: $246.96

    We will be praying for you Madi. We would love to hear about your journey during your time there. So excited to see all of the things the Lord has ordained for your future. We love you.

  • A7f94257aa6c87c27483055e6a47ddad? nophoto

    Aldo & Gracie Sanchez

    $205.80 / 45 days ago

    Madison, I'm sure you and your team will be a blessing to those you serve. May the Lord strengthen you on your mission. Hugs!

  • 195f9b9d75f206291809ed6f349acfe7? nophoto

    Leanna Bowman

    $100.00 / 49 days ago

    We are so proud of you! May God continue to bless you throughout your journey. We love you~ The BowmanFamily

  • B64d2c61873d631b1d445b4f3a8a7d94? nophoto

    Chris Weatherholtz

    $25.73 monthly / 50 days ago

    Valued At: $308.76

  • D41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e? nophoto

    David Whitmarsh

    $800.00 / 52 days ago

  • 0b6746037753e1ed694bde4a5c6e5ec3? nophoto

    Michelle Ozmun

    $154.35 / 54 days ago

    Madison, I know that you will be a light for so many people.

  • Avatar person


    $100.00 monthly / 55 days ago

    Valued At: $1,200.00

    I cannot wait to see how the Lord grows and develops you over the next year as you share your gifts and talents. I have been so blessed to get to love on you and watch you grow over the years! Love you so much and will be praying for you!

  • 7df75a2c13e2e25e4174ac0894571333? nophoto

    Jessica Cozens

    $514.50 / 55 days ago

  • B773118260657daed58289cefdc23864? nophoto

    Steven Woodward

    $20.00 monthly / 55 days ago

    Valued At: $240.00

    We are so thankful for you, Madi, and look forward with anticipation to how God will work in and through you this year in Kentucky!

  • 26bef477ff82a99c59e366d3eafdda69? nophoto

    Graham Harrison

    $514.50 / 57 days ago

  • H86kdkctj%2ba2xzvcowgq%3d&expires=1632010816

    Andrea Johnson

    $20.00 monthly / 59 days ago

    Valued At: $240.00

    We are so thankful for you in Murphie's life. We can't wait to see all God will do through you in Louisville!

  • 9a108687fee1664b66076b6b5193411c? nophoto

    David Carl

    $25.00 monthly / 60 days ago

    Valued At: $300.00

  • A9b0e52568b4b2de6480dc64dc2dd180? nophoto

    Misty Miller

    $205.80 / 107 days ago

About Madison McGuire

I'm a daughter, sister, friend and follower of Jesus honored to share His love with the homeless in Louisville.